Pokemon Go: Eevee Evolution Chart, Trick and Location

Eevee can evolve into three types in Pokemon Go (Image credits: Trusted Gamer)

Do you ever wonder why Eevee has multiple types of evolutions and how you can manipulate Eevee’s evolution in Pokemon Go? In this article, I will try to cover all the important aspects related to it in Pokemon Go.

When Pokemon Go was released in the first week of July this year, it was an instant hit. Many people started going out and tried catching different types of Pokemon to complete their Pokedex. One Pokemon which caught the eyes of many and looked interesting was - Eevee.

As Bulbapedia defines the Pokemon, ‘Eevee is a mammalian, quadruped creature with primarily brown fur. The tip of its bushy tail and its large furry collar are cream-colored. It has short, slender legs with three small toes and a pink paw pad on each foot. Eevee has brown eyes, long pointed ears, and a small black nose. This Pokemon is rarely found in the wild, and is mostly only found in cities and towns. However, Eevee is said to have an irregularly shaped genetic structure that allows it to adapt to many different kinds of environments. Eventually, Eevee may evolve to better suit its surroundings.’

Evolution Chart

Eevee can evolve into 8 different types in the Anime, but in Pokemon Go it can evolve into only 3 different types as of now - Vaporeon (Water type), Flareon (Fire type) and Jolteon (Electric type), the first generation of evolutions.

Eevee’s Evolutions (Image credit: Eurogamer)

Other evolutions which are currently not in the game are Umbreon (Dark Type), Glaceon (Ice Type), Leafeon (Grass Type), Espeon (Psychic Type), Sylveon (Fairy Type).

Eevee can adapt to different types of environment and eventually evolves to better suit its surroundings. It can be also forced to evolve into specific types with help of different types of stones.

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However, in the game, it is a disparate thing. Specific Pokemon candies are required to evolve the Pokemon. Spearow, Ekans, Pikachu require 50 candies to evolve which can take a considerable amount of time whereas Eevee requires only 25 Eevee candies to evolve, which ensures that a trainer doesn’t have to catch many to evolve one but the downside here is that the capture rate of Eevee is not that high when compared with other types of Pokemon which spawn regularly like Pidgey and Rattata.

Eevee in Pokemon Go (Image credit: Bustle)

The Eevee evolution trick

This is something very intriguing and was loved by all the fans as this trick in the game is related to the show. If the trainers choose to evolve Eevee without any kind of manipulation, it evolves randomly into one of the 3 different types mentioned above.

However, some Reddit users found a trick which would allow you to manoeuvre the evolution of it into the specific type you want. All you have to do is rename the Eevee before evolving it into the following:-

Pyro - for Flareon (Fire Type)

Rainer - for Vaporeon (Water Type)

Sparky - for Jolteon (Electric Type)

In the show, Ash meets the three Eevee brothers in episode 40, who were named Pyro, Rainer and Sparky. This is how this trick is related to the evolution.

All the three are of different types and have different move sets but when compared which evolution has the highest Combat Power (CP), Vaporeon leads by a considerable margin. According to, Vaporeon can have a maximum CP of 2816, Flareon comes second with a 2643 CP, and Jolteon is last with just 2140 CP.

Eevee Brothers in the show (Image credit: Pokemon Wikia)

Eevee Locations

Niantic, The developers of Pokemon Go shuffle the spawn locations of all the Pokemon once in every 20 days. You must have heard the word ‘nest’ many times, and must have thought what that actually means?

When a very small localized area has a consistent and abnormally high amount of one specific kind of Pokemon, it is called a nest. So to have a bright chance to catch Eevee, you need to go to an Eevee nest, as the number of times it spawns in that location is much higher than the for instance, your locality.

But finding a specific Pokemon nest is not an easy task as we know Niantic changes it regularly so that trainers don’t get bored by catching the same type of Pokemon every day.

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Credits to, as they have compiled the list of nests for most of the Pokemon including Eevee. Some of the popular Eevee nests include Britannia Arms (California, United States), Medal of Honor Park (Alabama, United States), Leasowes Park (England, United Kingdom). These are the confirmed Eevee nests as of 23 August.

Note that the nests keep on changing so you can keep a track of it on the above-mentioned source.

Now that you know all the important things about Eevee, In which type will you evolve it?

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