Tyler1's Net Worth

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 Before being completely swept away by the world of online gaming, Tyler was doing a major in computer science.

Tyler Steinkamp AKA Tyler1 is undoubtedly one of the most popular streamers when it comes to League of the Legends. According to Net Worth Spot, his net worth is estimated at around USD 670k.

Before being completely swept away by the world of online gaming, Tyler was pursuing a major in computer science. However, he dropped it as he discovered his impeccable skills in gaming and eventually became one of the most popular gaming giants in the esports world.

He is also well known for exhibiting his toxic traits. His behavior is essentially aggressive towards other players. His portrayal of toxicity every now and then earned him the title of “The Most Toxic Player in North America.”

Real NameTyler Steinkamp
Date of BirthMarch 7, 1995
Place of BirthMissouri, United States
Zodiac signPisces
Age26 years
Height5′ 6″
Weight57 Kg
Relationship statusMacaiyla (girlfriend)
Source of wealthYouTube, Twitch
Net worthUSD 670k
SUBSCRIBERS2.74M (as of May 2023)
TOTAL VIEWS500M+ (as of May 2023)

Tyler1 Net Worth (2023)

According to Net Worth Spot, his channel’s net worth is estimated at around USD 670k. He primarily earns from his Twitch subscribers and his YouTube channel. At the moment, the esports star has 5.2 million followers on Twitch and 2.74 million subscribers on YouTube which all adds to his net worth.

Tyler1 Sources Of Income

Tyler Steinkamp, AKA Tyler1, is a prominent streamer in the gaming business who uses hilarious footage and memes to acquire followers. Tyler1's net worth and income are primarily derived from his successful Twitch streaming career. He earns money through tournament victories and sponsorships in addition to streaming. He also has an online shop which sells various merchandise items.


According to Social Blade, the channel ‘loltyler1’ gets over 2 million views per month. It generates between USD 609 - 9.7k per month, and between USD 7.3k - 117k per year.


Tyler1’s annual earnings are estimated to be about $1-2M.

With 5.2 million Twitch followers, LoLTyler1 generates money in a variety of ways, including but not limited to commercials, donations, paid subscriptions, and others. Furthermore, according to a recent leak, LolTyler1 was the 15th most paid Twitch creator, earning slightly under $3 million in the previous 26 months. However, these do not include any direct donations received by the creator.

Esports earnings

According to esports earnings, Tyler1 has earned total prize money of $23k from 9 tournaments. Back in 2017, he even organized an online League of the Legends known as Tyler1 Championship Series and funded it from his own pocket without any sponsors. The tournament gained more than 200,000 views on Twitch. In 2018, he again hosted it without sponsors and this time the prize money was $50,000.

Other ventures

Tyler1's online store, which sells a range of gear and accessories, generates the majority of his retail earnings. Tyler1's unique "T1" apparel brand accounts for a major chunk of goods sales. Tyler1 sells products during his live concerts in addition to his online store. However, the figures for his online store haven't been publicly revealed.

Tyler1 has been offered several deals and sponsorship contracts throughout his career. However, the streamer has chosen not to disclose most of them. He recently joined T1 and along with this came the announcement of the streamer being sponsored by popular sports brand Nike. The details of his sponsorship deal have not been disclosed on the internet.

Tyler1 Expenditure

Tyler1 has sustained his spot as one of the most entertaining streamers on Twitch. He is known for smashing peripherals and gaming keyboards, and ideally, that should be his biggest expense. However, the streamer appreciates privacy overall as most of the details about his expenses are unknown. It can be predicted that the major amount of his earnings goes to upgrading his PC and streaming setup.


Q. Did Tyler1 go to college?

A. Yes, he attended Central Methodist University.

Q. Was Tyler ever banned?

A. Yes, he was banned from 22 unique accounts in League of Legends.

Q. What kind of car does Tyler1 drive?

A. He drives a Pontiac Grand Prix GT.

Q. Who is Tyler1’s brother?

A. His brother is Eric Lamont Robbins Jr.

Q. Where does Tyler1 live?

A. He lives with his girlfriend in New London.

Q. How old is Tyler1’s girlfriend?

A. Macaiyla Is 20 years old.

Q. Does Tyler1 play football?

A. Yes, he played as a running back for the university's football team.