"GTA 6 trailer 1 was leaked by YouTube employee?": Fans react to recent report of YouTube investigating breach of contract

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YouTube is anticipated to track down the GTA 6 trailer 1 leaker (Image via Rockstar Games)

The GTA 6 trailer 1 was unfortunately leaked a few hours before its planned release time, causing Rockstar Games to pre-pone the reveal. After over five months since the incident, YouTube is reportedly investigating whether its employees accessed content on the backend. Popular gaming insider Tom Henderson (X/@_Tom_Henderson_) reported that YouTube would conduct a third round of investigation very soon.

Although he did not specifically mention the Grand Theft Auto 6 leak incident, one user named Mohamed Enieb (X/@its_menieb) asked:

“GTA 6 trailer 1 was leaked by a YouTube employee?”

Another user named GameRoll (X/@GameRollGTA) commented:

“I can guarantee you that one of them is the GTA 6 trailer being leaked lol”

This was a fair statement considering the first Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer was one of the biggest leaks that happened from YouTube. Rockstar Games discreetly uploaded the video to the website, and only a few hours later, it was leaked on X.

Popular Rockstar Games insider named Ben (X/@videotechuk_) also acknowledged the matter that the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer details were leaked as someone breached the protocol on YouTube’s end.

Many other users also commented that YouTube is investigating who leaked the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer 1 from its website.

Fans’ reactions to YouTube investigating its leaks (Image via X)
Fans’ reactions to YouTube investigating its leaks (Image via X)

A user named KINGJulien (X/@KINGJulien15x) commented:

“Oh boy, Strauss lawyers cooking rn”

Popular Grand Theft Auto YouTuber TGG (X/@TGGonYT) commented:

“I do wonder if take two ever took action against YouTube for that. That was a colossal blunder.”

Readers should note that Take-Two Interactive is the parent company of Rockstar Games, which took down most (if not all) of the Grand Theft Auto 6 leaked clips from the internet after September 2022. However, the organization was strangely silent over the GTA 6 trailer 1 leak incident after December 2023.

However, after the recent report by Tom Henderson, the community is assured that Take-Two Interactive is back in action again and trying its best to track down the leakers.

YouTube investigates the GTA 6 trailer 1 leak incident

There is no denying that the GTA 6 trailer leak was utterly disappointing for both Rockstar Games and gamers, as they had waited for over a decade to witness that moment. Although the first hacker who leaked unfinished gameplay was caught soon, the culprits of the recent incidents are still unknown.

However, after seeing reports of YouTube investigating the matter for the third time, fans are happy and confident that similar instances will not occur during the GTA 6 trailer 2 release.

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