5 iconic Vice City moments we'd like GTA 6 to recreate

GTA Vice City has many iconic moments that can be recreated in GTA 6 (Image via Rockstar Games)

Rockstar Games’ GTA 6 is highly expected to be inspired by Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as both games take place in the city of Vice. The popular 3D Universe title was released in 2002 and included many moments that later became iconic. The gaming studio has a tradition of recreating some scenes from the old titles in new ones, and the same is expected from Grand Theft Auto 6.

This article lists five of the most iconic moments from Vice City that Rockstar Games should recreate in GTA 6.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer’s opinions.

5 iconic moments from Vice City that should be included in GTA 6

1) Driving with the Love Fist band in a bomb-rigged car

A screenshot from the Publicity Tour mission in Vice City (Image via GTA Wiki)
A screenshot from the Publicity Tour mission in Vice City (Image via GTA Wiki)

The Love Fist band offers Tommy Vercetti some of the most notable missions in the GTA series, and Publicity Stunt is undoubtedly the most iconic one. The protagonist has to drive a bomb-rigged car with them and save it from blasting, while the band keeps screaming in their full voice.

GTA 6 should also have a similar moment with Jason or Lucia. However, Rockstar Games should not make it as tough as the original one. The missions would be a great throwback to the 2002 title.

2) Finding the moon landing studio setup


One of the most notable Vice City Easter eggs that GTA 6 should recreate is the fake moon landing setup inside the InterGlobal Studios. It was a hilarious jibe at the conspiracy theories that believe the USA faked the first moon landing.

Rockstar Games could also similarly use various other conspiracy theories. The moon landing setup Easter egg is one of the most secretive references that only eagle-eyed fans have discovered on their own.

3) Vercetti Estate gunfights


The Vercetti Estate mansion is one of the central locations in Vice City and it is also expected to be included in the GTA 6 map. If that happens, Rockstar Games should consider adding serious gunfights inside the building, similar to the 2002 title.

The gunfights in this location in Grand Theft Auto Vice City were inspired by the popular Hollywood movie Scarface. GTA 6 should also include a few missions including the building. The Vercetti Estate could be made a safe house for the upcoming protagonists.

4) Stealing a tank from the military


Stealing tanks from the military is a fun extreme sport in the Grand Theft Auto series. However, it becomes more exciting when a mission asks you to do so. The Sir, Yes Sir! mission in Vice City requires Tommy to steal a Rhino tank from a military parade.

Since the Rhino is anticipated to be a returning vehicle in GTA 6, Jason and Lucia should also get to do such heroic acts. The mission could be a great chance for Rockstar Games to demonstrate its new wanted-level mechanism, which is rumored to have received new improvements after Grand Theft Auto 5.

5) Jumping over tall buildings in Vice City

A screenshot from the G-Spotlight mission in Vice City (Image via GTA Wiki)
A screenshot from the G-Spotlight mission in Vice City (Image via GTA Wiki)

Rockstar Games loves daredevil stunts, and therefore, every game has at least one mission where you have to keep your life at stake. G-Spotlight is one of the most memorable missions from Vice City that provides a great adrenaline rush.

In this mission, Tommy is required to perform stunt jumps in a motorcycle over tall buildings. Rockstar Games should recreate such a mission for the GTA 6 protagonists. Another way to improve this mission is by letting Jason/Lucia wear clothes similar to Tommy Vercetti.

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