New GTA 6 leaks emerge on social media, focus on console version

GTA 6 leaks
New GTA 6 leaks disclose various details from the upcoming game (Image via Rockstar Games)

A few new GTA 6 leaks have emerged on social media, disclosing various details from the gameplay and the first official trailer. An X user named mvbr (X/@Mvbrr) recently shared a thread on their profile explaining various bits of data found from the project. They also clarified that the details recovered were from the console version of the upcoming title.

This article explores the GTA 6 leaks involving gameplay details from the console version. However, readers are advised to take the information with a grain of salt, as Rockstar Games has yet to officially confirm the claims.

New GTA 6 leaks show gameplay details from the console version

On June 10, 2024, X user mvbr shared the above GTA 6 leaks thread disclosing some technical and gameplay details from the console version of the game. The above-embedded post lists the technical features that the upcoming title may have. These include:

  • FSR
  • Global illumination
  • HDR
  • DLSS
  • Ambient occlusion
  • Shadow rasterization
  • Ray Tracing
  • SSR
  • Denoiser

In a follow-up tweet, the user stated that the ray tracing feature might not always work in the game. Here is the translation from Portuguese to English:

“There are times when Ray tracing will not work, due to optimization. This will count on the help of screen space technologies, as well as Screen Space Reflections/denoiser.”

The community is expecting an improved gameplay experience, most particularly GTA 6 running on 60 FPS. However, mvbr claimed that may not be the case. Here is the exact translation of their post:

“So there is a debate about framerate. Particularly GTA VI is running at 1440p with RT at 30FPS at the moment. For us to have a dense game like GTA VI will be, 60FPS doesn't exist, in my opinion there are two things in operation. Devs would have to cut many things and proposed technologies.”
Screenshot of the new GTA 6 leaks (1/2) (Image via X/@Mvbrr)
Screenshot of the new GTA 6 leaks (1/2) (Image via X/@Mvbrr)

The user also stated that Rockstar Games took inspiration from the following shows for the upcoming game:

  • Narcos
  • Blow
  • Shottas
  • The Place Beyond Of The Pines
  • Brasco
  • Bad Boy For Life (Club Scene)
  • Queen & Slim (Artwork Promote)
Screenshot of the new GTA 6 leaks (2/2) (Image via X/@Mvbrr)
Screenshot of the new GTA 6 leaks (2/2) (Image via X/@Mvbrr)

Lastly, mvbr stated that Rockstar Games has increased its security since the GTA 6 trailer leak. However, they expect a new trailer this year.

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