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How to Make a Potion of Harming in Minecraft

There are many potions you can make in Minecraft. They can help you do more damage or heal yourself. There are also potion effects that seem negative at first glance. Truthfully drinking a potion of harming yourself has no positive impact on you as it will only deal damage to yourself, but with some creative applications, you can turn this effect around on your opponents. This potion recipe requires much more work than most potions.

Ingredients for Potion of Harming

- Three Water Bottles

- Glistering Melon

- Blaze Powder

- Brewing Stand

- Nether Wart

- Fermented Spider Eye

To make a potion of harming you will need water bottles which you can make from glass. Dig up some sand and smelt it in your furnace to make glass. You will need three pieces of glass to make three glass bottles. To fill these bottles with water, simply hold them in your hand and right click any water source.

To make a potion of harming you need to make a potion of healing first. A potion of healing requires a glistering melon to make.

Blaze powder is needed to fuel your brewing stand. The brewing stand will not brew potions without fuel.

Obviously to brew potions you will need a brewing stand. This part is tricky because you have to find blaze to get the blaze rod you need.


Next, you will need nether wart. Nether wart can be grown in the overworld, but you need to find the nether wart first. They spawn naturally in nether fortresses where you can also find blaze.

Finally, to brew a potion of harming from a potion of healing you will need a fermented spider eye.

How to make Potion of Harming in Minecraft

Start by digging up some sand and placing it in a furnace.

Crafting glass in Minecraft

Next we will need the ingredients for a potion of healing. Start by tracking down some melons. You can grow these yourself if you have found melon seeds in a dungeon or abandoned mine shaft, or you can find melons from a savannah village. Alternatively you can also buy melon seeds occasionally from wandering traders. Break a melon down to get the melon slices you need.

Melon in Minecraft

Next, you will need one gold ingot in order to make the melon slice into a glistering melon. Head into your mines and start searching below β€œY” level 31 to track down some gold.

Gold in Mine in Minecraft

You will need at least an iron pickaxe in order to mine gold ore. Gather some gold ore and place it in a furnace to smelt it into gold ingots. While your gold is smelting let’s gather the materials for a fermented spider eye. Start by tracking down some sugarcane.

Sugarcane will grow on sand or dirt and can be found commonly near riverbanks or simply next to any water source block. If you find any sugarcane make sure to save some to grow your own.

Sugarcane in Minecraft

Now that you have your sand and gold cooked and your sugarcane harvested you will need to find a brown mushroom.

Brown Mushroom in Minecraft


They can be found commonly in dark oak forests. You can also find brown mushrooms in swamp biomes, dark caves, and you can find them commonly in the nether.

Finally for the fermented spider eye we will need to track down some spiders. Wait for nightfall and start hunting down some spiders.

Spiders in Minecraft

You will most likely need to kill a couple spiders in order to get the spider eye to drop, but keep at it. It is not as rare as many mob drops. Place your items in storage and get ready to travel to the nether.

Next, you will need to travel to the nether in order to get blaze rods, blaze powder, and nether wart. Build a nether portal and start tracking down your fortress.

Once you have found a fortress look around for blazes or a blaze spawner.

looking around for blazes or a blaze spawner in the Fortress

Kill some blaze enemies until you have a few blaze rods. Travel around your fortress until you come across a room with red fungus and a staircase.

red fungus and stairs in Minecraft

Harvest some nether wart and head back to the surface. Now you have every ingredient to make a potion of harming. Start by making a brewing stand by combining three pieces of cobblestone and a blaze rod in a crafting table.

Crafting a brewing stand

Gather your glass and turn them into glass bottles. Place them in a β€œV” shape in the crafting menu of a crafting table to make glass bottles. While you are here make some sugar out of sugarcane by placing sugarcane in your crafting menu.

Crafting a glass bottle in Minecraft

With your glass bottles right click on any water source to fill them up with water.


Next craft a glistering melon by placing a gold ingot in your crafting menu to make gold nuggets.

Crafting a gold nugget in Minecraft

Grab your gold nuggets and a melon slice and surround a melon with gold nuggets.

Crafting a glistering Melon in Minecraft

Finally, let’s make the fermented spider eye. Place your spider eye, sugar, and brown mushroom anywhere in the crafting menu in order to make a fermented spider eye.

Crafting a fermented spider eye in Minecraft

Place your brewing stand and right click on the stand to open its UI. Fill the bottom three slots with your water bottles. You will need to put blaze powder in the top left slot to fuel your brewing stand. Turn some blaze rods into blaze powder and put them into your brewing stand.

Brewing Stand UI in Minecraft

To make potions of harming you will need to brew awkward potions first. Place a nether wart in the ingredient slot of your brewing stand and wait for it to finish cooking.

Placing a nether wart in Brewing stand UI

This will turn your water bottles into awkward potions. Now you can place your glistering melon into the ingredient slot to brew potions of healing.

Potion of Healing in Minecraft

To complete your brewing recipe, place a fermented spider eye into the ingredient slot.

Crafting a portion of Harming in Minecraft

With all that completed, you finally have potions of harming!

How to use Potion of Harming in Minecraft

I would advise against drinking these yourself. They will cause three full hearts of damage to yourself. If you really want to test it yourself, hold the potion in your hand and hold right click to drink it. Once you finish drinking it you will take three hearts of damage.


The best use for these potions is to turn them into splash potions of harming. Place a gunpowder in the ingredient slot of a brewing stand with the potions of harming at the bottom.

Putting Gunpowder in Brewing Stand UI

After the twenty or so seconds of brewing your potions will change their bottle shape and become throwable! Potion of harming ignores armor rating. So not even netherite armor or enchanted armor will lower the damage you take from potion of harming.

How to use Splash Potion of Harming

Very carefully! You can still damage yourself, nearby players, friendly mobs, and hostile mobs with the effect of splash potion of harming. Hold the potion in your hand and right click to throw it. If there are any unfortunate mobs standing in the effect radius they will take damage. However, these potions of harming are opposite of potions of healing. If you hit an undead mob with this potion it won’t hurt them at all. Instead it will heal them! Use with caution.

If you are trying to wrangle a zombie villager to cure him you may want to bring some potions of harming with you just to be able to heal him if any accidents occur. A skeleton might shoot him, a wayward sword swing, or even a bolt of lightning can put a thorn in your plans. Having a potion of harming helps you mitigate your losses and make the process more streamlined.

Splash potions are more effective if you hit your target directly. The edge of the splash will not be as effective as the middle of the splash.



How do you make a Harming 2 Potion?


With your potion of harming in the bottom slots of a brewing stand, place a glowstone dust in the ingredient slot and wait for it to finish brewing. This will upgrade the effect of the potion. Instead of affecting three hearts, it will affect up to six hearts of healing or damage!

Does instant damage heal zombies?

Zombies are undead and instant damage will heal them instead. Be careful throwing these around when there are friendly mobs or undead mobs nearby. You may end up in a worse situation than before.

Does instant damage hurt the Ender Dragon?

The ender dragon is immune to potions. There is no potion effect you can use on the ender dragon himself. This is both a blessing and a curse as you cannot use beneficial splash potions on the ender dragon, but detrimental effects are also useless.


There are few uses for the potion of harming, but in multiplayer games of Minecraft, it can be helpful to have a splash effect of doing damage to other players. You can utilize potions of harming to heal zombie villagers that you are trying to cure. It can be a hassle trying to utilize this potion, but the effects of it are unique and can help you in specific situations. They may have a detrimental effect, but if used correctly it can help you in your journey. Potion of harming is a relatively complicated recipe, but it reflects its relatively complicated uses.

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