3 reasons why Broncos won the trade battle for Russell Wilson

Former Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson
Former Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson was traded from the Seattle Seahawks to the Denver Broncos in the biggest blockbuster of the 2022 NFL offseason so far. The Broncos claimed they would be aggressive this year in their pursuit of a veteran franchise quarterback, and they held to their word.

The Denver Broncos surrendered a large package of players and draft picks to acquire Russell Wilson. The haul included two first-rounders, two second-rounders, and a fifth-rounder, Drew Lock, Noah Fant, and Shelby Harris. When the Broncos landed the superstar quarterback they were looking for, the Seahawks received many building blocks in return.

Both sides appear happy with what they got out of the trade, but the Broncos are on the winning side of the deal. Here are three reasons why.

Why the Broncos won the Russell Wilson trade

Former Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson
Former Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson

#1 - Quarterbacks are the most important position in the NFL

Except for a rare few teams in NFL history, almost every Super Bowl champion team has an elite quarterback on their roster. It's nearly impossible to do so without one. Not only is Russell Wilson capable of making a run at the Super Bowl, but he has already won one and been to two.

It's challenging to find an elite quarterback, and that's one of the things that makes them so valuable in the NFL. The Broncos have been searching for an answer at quarterback ever since Peyton Manning retired. Now they have one. They hope Wilson can bring the Lombardi Trophy back to Denver just as Manning did.

#2 - Broncos still have an elite roster

While the Broncos traded away many pieces to acquire Wilson, they kept most of their key players. They have a young and talented roster that's built for success in the present and has potential for the future. They appear to be just one quarterback away from being legitimate Super Bowl contenders in the 2022 season. They didn't just land a quarterback but got one of the best ones in the NFL without sacrificing much of their talent.

#3 - Plenty of cap space still available

Even after acquiring Wilson, the Broncos are still expected to have more than $25 million in available salary-cap space. This will allow them to further improve their roster while replacing some of the pieces they lost this offseason. Their cap situation, combined with their talented youthful players, makes losing all of their draft picks in the trade not as big of a deal. They are set up for success.

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