3 things we can expect from Philadelphia Eagles WR Jalen Reagor after a stellar training camp

Pittsburgh Steelers v Philadelphia Eagles
Pittsburgh Steelers v Philadelphia Eagles

Coming out of 2020, the Eagles were famished for options at wide receiver. The lack of options could have been one of the reasons that led to Carson Wentz's exit after a season reminiscent of his rookie year.

However, 2021 seems like a different story, starting with Jalen Reagor. Here are three things to expect from the wide receiver in his second year after an impressive showing in training camp.

Jalen Reagor: The Philadelphia Eagles' next big thing

#1 - Number one receiver

After the draft, most simply expected DeVonta Smith to lead the Eagles' receiving room going into 2021. However, with Smith dealing with injuries and Reagor jumping off the page, the latter is putting himself in a position to steal the job. Granted, he may lose it in 2022, but this is Reagor's year.

This means he will likely face the top cornerbacks in the NFL, creating some intense competition. He may even face double teams later in the year, as teams catch on to him and the Eagles.

However, by the time this happens, DeVonta Smith will likely be back, which means defenses will have to pick their poison. This could lead to even more openings for Reagor, leading to a breakout season, which could give the Eagles a boost.

#2 - A 1,000-yard receiver

NFL players usually make the jump from timid rookies in over their heads to players that belong in the second year. They usually catch teams off-guard, often leading to an outlier of a season.


Last season, Jalen Reagor only had 31 receptions for 396 yards and a touchdown. Reagor should be able to break 1,000 yards this year. With an extra game added to the schedule for 2021, Reagor should be that much more likely to break the threshold. This is great news for the Eagles' passing game this year.

#3 - Five touchdowns

With great yardage comes great touchdowns. Five touchdowns seems like a conservative estimate, but Reagor would have quintupled his touchdown total from 2020. Additionally, in order to score a lot of touchdowns, the Eagles need to have a franchise quarterback who can perform in the redzone.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Philadelphia Eagles
Pittsburgh Steelers v Philadelphia Eagles

Jalen Hurts, though, has not proven himself as a franchise QB (yet). If he can play well in the redzone, Reagor could reach double-digit touchdowns this year. If Hurts and Reagor can both play well in the redzone, the sky is the limit for the Eagles' passing attack in 2021.

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