Madden 22 Player Ratings: Predicting 5 highest rated Kansas City Chiefs players

Super Bowl LV
Super Bowl LV

The Kansas City Chiefs dominated Madden 22 with not one, but two players rated at 99. Patrick Mahomes had a 99 rating at the launch of Madden 22 and TE Travis Kelce achieved the 99 rating by the end of the season.

The Chiefs just lost the Super Bowl to the Buccaneers in a terrible performance, but they should still have one of the best overall ratings in Madden 22. Who else will join these two as the highest-rated players on the Chiefs?

Will the Kansas City Chiefs add a 3rd 99 in Madden 22?

Mahomes will surely keep his elite rating in Madden 22. Travis Kelce could remain a 99 but it's not set in stone. Could another player rise through the ranks and give Kansas City a third 99?

Tyreek Hill has been inching toward that benchmark over the years. Tyrann Mathieu had one of his best seasons as a DB and could Chris Jones was already a 92 in Madden 21.

#5 Chris Jones

Madden 21 Launch Rating- 92

Madden 21 Super Bowl Rating- 92

Madden 21 Launch Rating- 93

Chris Jones' rating didn't change much in Madden 21 but could see a boost with Madden 22. He had a dip in his sack total last year but got his hands on the QB more often. His rating could have a much bigger increase if the Chiefs decide to move Jones to be more of an edge rusher.

#4 Tyrann Mathieu

Madden 21 Launch Rating- 93

Madden 21 Super Bowl Rating- 95

Madden 22 Launch Rating- 97

As mentioned earlier, Tyrann Mathieu was one of the best defenders in the NFL last year. He had a career-best 6 INTs and was a lock-down corner who was seen all over the field. His 95 awareness and 90 coverage ratings from Madden 21 should see boosts but it's doubfully enough for a 99.

Still, Mathieu's career is on an upward trajectory in a secondary that was once the weak link on the roster.

#3 Tyreek Hill

Madden 21 Launch Rating- 96

Madden 21 Super Bowl Ratng- 98

Madden 22 Launch Rating- 99

It was difficult to give Tyreek Hill a 99 rating for Madden 22. There is a total of three receivers worthy of being in the 99 Club: Hill, Stefon Diggs, and Davante Adams. It seems unlikely that all three will get the rating, but never say never.

Still, Hill ended Madden 21 with a 98 and had an amazing season. He put up 15 TDs and had 1,000+ yards for the third time in his 5-year career.

#2 Travis Kelce

Madden 21 Launch Rating- 97

Madden 21 Super Bowl Ratng- 99

Madden 22 Launch Rating- 99

It's safe to say the rest of this list has a rating of 99 for Madden 22. It's hard for someone who is the most dominant at their position to lose their top rating. Travis Kelce played in one less game last year but put up 200 more yards. He nearly doubled his TD total from 2019 to 2020 as well.

Kelce is regarded as one of the best TEs in NFL history but is 31. Expecting top results for several more years may be far-fetched and this could be his last season in the 99 club.

#1 Patrick Mahomes

Madden 21 Launch Rating- 99

Madden 21 Super Bowl Rating- 99

Madden 22 Launch Rating- 99

Are you surprised? The Madden 22 cover athlete should be the highest-rated player on their team. Mahomes, a two-time cover athlete, made it to his second Super Bowl before turning 26 and had a much better season than in 2019. He put up over 4,700 yards and 38 TDs with just 6 INTs all year.

Losing the Super Bowl will do no harm to his Madden 22 rating. If there was ever a 100 rating, Mahomes is deserving of it.

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