Aaron Rodgers elaborates why he posted controversial Instagram post 

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers
Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers appeared on The Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday. The reigning MVP was expected to announce his decision surrounding his NFL future but made it clear in the first minute that he had no answers to provide.

Instead, Rodgers talked about multiple subjects with McAfee. One highlighted matter was Rodgers' Instagram post from Monday that caused a buzz on social media.

Aaron Rodgers was gratuitous in his post, thanking many teammates, coaches, and people in his life for providing good memories.

The 38-year-old addressed the cryptic nature of his post, which many across the world deciphered as a goodbye post. Rodgers explained what he was going through at the time of creating the post.

“I don't think about that before I post something like that," Rodgers said. "And I think unless you've gone through certain experiences and had frustration and been near the bottom and then get near the top and understand the beauty in life. I think that's, then you might say things about ‘that's a cryptic message.’ I mean, there's nothing cryptic about gratitude. I just came out of a 12-day cleanse where you're eating this specific diet. And you're going through these treatments every day. And you don't really do anything else. You got to kind of turn everything else off and so you know, you're not working out, you're not straining. It's kind of a recentering. And not only heals you physically, but I think it takes away mental stress. And then the spiritual part, I think, it allows you to kind of enjoy the meditations a little bit more."

In addition to saying he was on a cleanse, the quarterback explained how feeling gratitude afterward was what made him post old photos to Instagram.

"So when I come out," Rodgers added, "my first thought is just intense gratitude for the people in my life. And that's not every person in my life that I mentioned. And there's other people to highlight and to credit. But that was it. I was just going through some old pictures from the last year and felt an intense amount of gratitude for the life that I have, and for the lessons that I've learned, and the growth that's happened over the last year. And the people who've been a part of that.”

Aaron Rodgers' appearance on The Pat McAfee Show didn't answer questions surrounding his future

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers
Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers' appearance left something to be desired. His future is still muddy and unknown, which keeps the entire NFL landscape in limbo. Rodgers dropped some nuggets of information that could offer a glimpse into his plans, but even that's just speculation.

Amidst Rodgers' most notable topics were offering a hint to the Green Bay Packers to franchise tag Davante Adams. Rodgers also reiterated that he looks forward to making his decision.

While we still have to wait for Rodgers' decision, his appearance on The Pat McAfee Show gave a good insight into who he is as a person. He does a lot of thinking and contemplating in everything he does.

While Tuesday was a false alarm, the sports world will continue to watch the back-to-back MVP and await his decision.

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