Brett Favre-Donald Trump link invites ire as NFL Twitter condemns Packers legend-“This is getting pathetic” 

Brett Favre allegedly asked former President Donald Trump to help get funding for a concussion drug that he was creating.
Brett Favre allegedly asked former President Donald Trump to help get funding for a concussion drug that he was creating.

Despite his repeated attempts at denying the allegations against him, it seems that Brett Favre continues to find himself immersed in the Mississippi Welfare Scandal.

Within the last 24 hours, new details have emerged that allegedly show that the former NFL quarterback may have contacted former President Donald Trump. Favre was involved in the creation of a drug that would help relieve the symptoms of concussions.


This new report states that text messages that were discovered allegedly show the Super Bowl winning quarterback and his partner in the creation of the concussion drug, tried to reach out to Trump. The two believed that the former President could help them obtain funding for the drug.

Instead, the drug and the company along with its founders have found themselves right in the middle of the Mississippi Welfare Scandal. With millions of dollars that were intended for the less served in the state to benefit from.

When this new development was released, social media users couldn't believe that there was yet another twist in this story. With some unable to grasp how the former NFL quarterback allegedly had such an instrumental part in this scandal.

Others were still so shocked that there hasn't been an indictment in this case as alleged evidence continues to roll in. While Brett Favre clearly wants this story out of the headlines, it appears that it's not going anywhere.

Brett Favre welfare scandal: Everything we know so far

Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre has been linked to the Mississippi Welfare scandal since the May 2020. At that time the state was doing an audit to find out what exactly happened to millions of dollars that were intended to help some o fthe poorest residents of the state.

At first the findings found that Favre has received over $1 million for speaking engagements, but that he never actually took part in those engagements. After a few months of back and forth, the former NFL quarterback was orderedd to repay the amount along with accrued interest. He has since paid the one million back but, not the $240,000 interest that was due.

Brett Favre has since explained his side of the situation through a Twitter thread, saying that he has, in fact, returned the money in question.


He was also allegedly involved in a plan to re-route funds for the welfare system and use them to fund a volleyball facility at Southern Mississippi. That is not only his alma mater but also where his daughter played volleyball as well. He continues to deny those allegations, as well as denying the release of text messages that allegedly show that he asked if the media would find out where the money came from.

He has since sued former NFL players Shannon Sharpe and Pat McAfee for reporting on this story. Both have filed for a dismissal and a violation of their First Amendment Rights in Freedom of Speech.

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