"Cord was wrapped around his neck 2 times" - Brittany Mahomes recalls labor scare during pregnancy with baby Bronze

Baylor v Texas Tech
Patrick and Brittany Mahomes at Baylor vs Texas Tech

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes are parents to two daughter Sterling and son Bronze.

Brittany has always been a doting mother, who has not shied away from sharing updates about her near-perfect family. However, she has now revealed how tough it was for her to go through pregnancies and the particular complications surrounding Bronze.

Brittany Mahomes recently took to Instagram to answer questions from fans. Some of them were based on privacy concerns, while others were on mental health. However, she was also surprisingly open on specifics regarding the birth of her two children.

One asked her to post her labor/delivery story. She said that she struggled to remember Sterling's but recounted to the best of her ability,

"Sterling (trying to remember) ... Got induced at 39wks 4 Days. ... Dr. Broke my water & started my pitocin @9am. ... Got my epidural @3pm. ...Was ready to push by 7pm ... Push for 20min, and she was here"

However, for Bronze, Brittany recounted her delivery more vividly and shared how the umbilical cord had wrapped around her baby but thankfully there were no complications.

"Bronze. ... Got induced at 39wks 3 days. ... Water partially broke that morning anyways. ... By 12pm Dr. fully broke the rest of my water was already dilated to a 4 & started pitocin. ... Got the epidural at 1:30ish. ... Started pushing at 5pm. ... Pushed for 7 min, and he was here. ... His cord was wrapped around his neck 2 times, and thankfully didn't effect anything, and he was fine"
Instagram Screenshot
Instagram Screenshot

Brittany Mahomes shares updates about her children on social media

Brittany Mahomes also shared some more interesting details about son Bronze in the same session. She said that Bronze was unplanned and was the result of their intimacy on their wedding night. She said:

"Nope lol. ... Happened on our wedding night"

She also shared a cheeky update about her daughter Sterling, too. Apparently, the little girl has taken after her father Patrick more.

Beyond her husband's success on the NFL field, where he won the Super Bowl, Super Bowl MVP and league MVP awards, the last few months have been special for Brittany Mahomes.

She recently celebrated her daughter's second birthday in February, and son Bronze turned three months old at the same time. The happy couple also celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary in March.

Amidst all the complications that could have happened, they have successfully navigated them and are growing as a family.

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