How does Aaron Judge’s massive $360 million contract compare to Patrick Mahomes’ pay day? Comparing the two superstar athletes’ deals

How Aaron Judge and Patrick Mahomes
How Aaron Judge and Patrick Mahomes' bottom lines stack up

Aaron Judge is a wealthy man once again, as news broke that the star baseball player has signed a ten-year contract with the New York Yankees, which will take him into the 2030s. According to ESPN, the deal was initially offered for $210 million in the spring and has since risen to the new figure.

While these are impressive figures, how does this contract compare to other superstar players? Patrick Mahomes is still in the early stages of his multimillion-dollar contract and has access to the same clubs and stores as the star baseball player. However, how do the two deals compare, and who has a better deal?

How does Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Net Worth compare to Aaron Judge?

Patrick Mahomes at Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers
Patrick Mahomes at Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers

As it stands, the 30-year-old baseball player is valued at $10 million, according to Spotrac. While many would love to have that level of capital, as far as star athletes go, he is on the lower side of the scale. Mahomes, meanwhile, has roughly four times as much money at $40 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

The Patrick Mahomes contract is the biggest bargain in the history of sports

The quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs is also three years younger than the baseball star. Fans of both sports tend to squabble over which sport is the most lucrative, but this net worth comparison offers a victory for NFL fans.

Remember when Patrick Mahomes signed that gigantic contract and everyone said it wouldn’t affect how the team builds around him?His cap hit in 2022 is $35M and &38M in 2023. The Chiefs limited themselves by giving him that absurd contract.

Of course, how much money one has today is only one part of the equation. The size of their payday also matters. According to Spotrac, Judge is set to earn Mahomes' net worth in the first year of his deal. As it stands, the baseball player is set to make $40 million per year until the end of the 2031 season.

Meanwhile, the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs is estimated to bring in $45 million per year for the duration of his deal. It was signed in 2020 and runs through the 2031 season. The deal was for ten years and valued at $450 million in total.


Put simply, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback has a higher net worth, a higher payday, and also has the luxury of time, at least at face value. As many investors know, time is money. The more time someone has to watch their investments grow, the more they'll eventually make over the long haul.


Assuming both are equally sound investors, Mahomes has the lead and the edge on payday. In other words, a comparison between him and the baseball star is like watching Mahomes on the field in the second half of most games: he has the lead and more assets to boot.

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