"I'm not your puppet" - Baker Mayfield slams Cleveland reporters for cooking up fake stories

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield
Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield
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Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is frustrated with the way certain things about his current situation within the team are being reported. He seems to believe things are being portrayed more negatively than they really are. He even claims that some of the reports are flat-out false and that words are being put in his mouth by the media.

Baker Mayfield fires back at "drama stirring reporters with no sources or facts"

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield
Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield

On Wednesday, January 6, in the afternoon, Baker Mayfield went on Twitter to lash out at the Cleveland Browns beat reporter Mary Kay Cabot for what he claims is fake news and just click bait.

Clickbait. You and many other Cleveland local media continue to be drama stirring reporters with no sources or facts. Don’t put words in my mouth so you can put food on your table. I’m not your puppet.…

Cabot has written an article claiming that quarterback Baker Mayfield and head coach Kevin Stefanski are at odds. She, also, wrote that Mayfield needs to settle his differences with Stefanski, in case they need to co-exist next year.

This very statement implies that the Browns organization may be considering moving on from Baker Mayfield next year. It's unlikely they would be looking to make a change in the head coach position, and with Mayfield at a crucial time in his rookie contract timeline, the implication points towards the possibility of the Browns going in another direction.

Mayfield directly called Cabot's tweet "clickbait" and claimed that it lacked any facts or legitimate sources. He is defending his own future with the team, as well as trying to settle the apparent rumors that he is feuding with Stefanski. He ended his criticism of the tweet by saying he no longer wants to be a "puppet" of the media and implied they are making up the situation to draw attention.

There are mixed reports about whether or not Mayfield is telling the truth. There has been no direct indication from Stefanski or Mayfield that there are issues between them. Even if there were, they likely wouldn't say it publicly right now anyway. Unless there is an official statement by someone within the Cleveland Browns who is involved in the situation, it's just a rumor.

#Browns Alex Van Pelt said there's absolutely no tension between Kevin Stefanski and Baker Mayfield. "I don't feel that at all, I don't."

The 2021 NFL season has been frustrating for Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns. They have just a 7-9 record and have been eliminated from playoff contention. Mayfield threw 17 touchdown passes and 13 interceptions while dealing with injury for the majority of the season. He will have shoulder surgery before what should be an important offseason for his future.

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