Odell Beckham Jr. to make Cowboys Super Bowl favorites? NFL analyst explains why team should sign free-agent WR

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals
Could Odell Beckham Jr. be the missing piece in Dallas?

The Dallas Cowboys defeated the New York Giants on Thanksgiving, just four days after a dominant win over the Minnesota Vikings. In the coming days, wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is scheduled to visit with Dallas and the New York Giants.

As the wide receiver decides which team he will sign with, some wonder if he could be the missing link for the Cowboys and their Super Bowl aspirations.

On Friday morning on ESPN, analysts spoke about Dallas' success as of late, especially since the return of quarterback Dak Prescott. Although backup quarterback Cooper Rush had just one loss during that period, Prescott had the team rolling. Since his return, they are 4-1 and have averaged 33.8 points per game in that time frame.

But even with that success, there is talk that Beckham Jr. could sign with the team, and even players like linebacker Micah Parsons and quarterback Dak Prescott are encouraging him to do so.

CeeDee Lamb and @obj on the same team would be SCARY. ๐Ÿ˜ณ#DallasCowboys

Former NFL linebacker Rob Ninkovich said that he doesn't feel Dallas need to sign Beckham Jr., especially after his second ACL tear. He said that from his own experience, he knows that after that type of injury, even post-recovery, you still can't do the same things that you once could.

Chris Canty, a former defensive end, had the opposite feelings about OBJ possibly signing with the Cowboys. He said Dallas need to sign him because although their offense is tremendous, their wide receiving core outside of CeeDee Lamb needs a boost.

"Yeah, the Cowboys absolutely have to sign Odell Beckham Jr. And guys, I get it, the Cowboys offense, since Dak, has stepped in, has looked unbelievable. Over the last four games, you're talking about 22 scoring drives to only 10 punts. So, for context, if those numbers are even, your offense is outstanding."

Canty added:

"But, we're not talking about playing against the Chicago Bears or the Minnesota Vikings or the New York Giants or the Green Bay Packers. We're talking about playing against the elite in the NFC. And if you look at the Cowboys receivers, they've only got two touchdowns outside of CeeDee Lamb. They need a guy to come in, like Odell, that can win against tight man coverage."

Can the Dallas Cowboys win the NFC East?

The Dallas Cowboys are now solely in second place in the NFC East rankings and have their eyes set on the division title that is currently held by the 9-1 Philadelphia Eagles. Now, just one game behind the Eagles, Dallas are definitely in playoff contention, but a few things will need to happen for the title to be theirs.

NFC EastEagles 9-1Cowboys 8-3Giants 7-4Commanders 6-5... Just a little more competitive than anyone thought.

With already one loss to the Eagles, Dallas will need to get a win against Philadelphia on Christmas Eve at home. But another blip in Philadelphia's successful season will be necessary before that.

The Eagles will play the Green Bay Packers this Sunday night, followed by the Tennessee Titans, the New York Giants, and the Chicago Bears before the meetup with Dallas.


Before the next meeting with the Eagles, Dallas will face the Indianapolis Colts, the Houston Texans, and the Jacksonville Jaguars, all with four or fewer wins.

The weeks ahead are more favorable for the Cowboys, but it may all come down to the head-to-head matchup that determines the NFC East title.

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