"That s**t get you beat up" - Bills star threatens Eli Apple for Damar Hamlin tweet

Shaq Lawson didn
Shaq Lawson didn't like Eli Apple's tweet

The Cincinnati Bengals, with a lot of help from cornerback Eli Apple, defeated the Buffalo Bills 27-10 on Sunday.

That loss ousted the Bills from the playoffs. Noted trash talker Eli Apple took to Twitter to celebrate the loss and take a dig at Stefon Diggs, who was clearly very upset with the loss.

Apple said "Cancun on 3" with the heart hands emoji, clearly referencing the number and hand gesture now synonymous with Damar Hamlin.

The Bills safety suffered a cardiac arrest on the field and Apple's joke did not land well with many Bills, namely Shaq Lawson.

You played a good game @EliApple but disrespect my boy @HamlinIsland situation that shit get you beat up frfr. Keep it on the field.

Lawson said:

"You played a good game Eli Apple, but disrespect my boy Damar Hamlin's situation, that s*** get you beat up frfr. Keep it on the field."

Apple has been known to trash talk opposing receivers after the game regardless of how he performed. He often takes to Twitter to troll them after big victories for the Bengals, but may have taken it too far this time.


Lawson's tweet, as well as likely a ton of other backlash, prompted an apology from Apple. He said:

"All love thoughts prayers and concerns to Damar Hamlin as he continues to recover from that tragic incident. Never would I make light of that scary unfortunate scene. This game is truly a dangerous risk to our bodies mind and spirit. Nothing but love to all my football brothers."
Eli Apple celebrating the victory
Eli Apple celebrating the victory

Apple will suit up next week against the Kansas City Chiefs for a chance to return to the Super Bowl.

What's next for Eli Apple and the Bengals?

Next on the schedule for Apple and the Cincinnati Bengals are the Kansas City Chiefs, who may or may not have Patrick Mahomes healthy.

If he's not healthy, the Bengals would likely be heavy favorites. If he is, then this matchup is extremely interesting. Head-to-head, Joe Burrow has never lost to Mahomes, but he is the best quarterback in the game for a reason.


This will be a rematch of last year's AFC title game and a chance for Mahomes and company to redeem themselves against Apple and the Bengals.

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