Watch: Jaguars LB Josh Allen sacks Bills QB Josh Allen to make NFL history

Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars Josh Allen
Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars Josh Allen
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Josh Allen was sacked by Josh Allen in a Week 9 matchup of the 2021 NFL season between the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars. It was the first time in NFL history but, no, Josh Allen did not sack himself. Quarterback Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills was sacked by edge rusher Josh Allen of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Never before in NFL history has a player recorded a sack against another player with the exact same name. It was a battle of Josh Allen's on Sunday afternoon. They are both excellent football players for different reasons. They combined to make history in this game.

Watch: Jaguars LB Josh Allen sacks Bills QB Josh Allen

Josh Allen sacked Josh Allen πŸ˜‚First time in NFL history a QB was sacked by a player with the same name(via @NFL)

QB Josh Allen is having an incredible season. He is currently one of the front runners to win the NFL MVP award and his Buffalo Bills are among the favorites to win a Super Bowl this season. They entered their Week 9 game as huge favorites, deservedly, and were expected to keep their momentum rolling against the rebuilding Jaguars.

The Bills are one of the very best teams in the AFC conference while the Jaguars are towards the bottom of the rankings. All signs pointed to Buffalo putting on a dominating performance. Josh Allen is projected to have a huge game while the Jaguars defense was in for a long day trying to contain him.

He did, in fact, have a big game, but it was the other one. QB Josh Allen had his worst performance of the season while DE Josh Allen was the one that stole the show. The quarterback accounted for zero touchdowns, threw two interceptions and was sacked four times.

Josh Allen has intercepted, sacked and recovered a fumble from Josh Allen today.

DE Josh Allen recorded one sack and one interception off the quarterback. The edge rusher also recovered a fumble and deflected a pass. It was very likely that Josh Allen would fill up the stat sheet and help his team to victory. Ironically, it wasn't the quarterback, but the defensive edge that did exactly that.

The incredible defensive effort was a huge reason why the Jaguars were able to come away with a shocking victory over the Bills in one of the biggest upsets of the 2021 NFL season so far. The edge rusher may have been tired of being considered the "other" Josh Allen. He was not the "other" in this game but instead was the featured one.

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