NFL Draft 2021 Results: Picks 106 to 144 from Round 4

2021 NFL Draft Experience
2021 NFL Draft Experience
Hanen Musa
Modified 02 May 2021

Round 4 of the 2021 NFL draft is in the books and below is the complete list of players picked in the opening round on the final day of the event.

In case you missed it, check out the players drafted in rounds 1,2 and 3.

NFL Draft 2021 Results: Picks 106 to 144 from Round 4

Pick: 106

Team: Jacksonville Jaguars

Position: DT

Selection: Jay Tufele

School: USC

Takeaway: Tufele amends the Jaguars' urgent need for interior disruption.

Pick: 107

Team: New York Jets

Position: RB

Selection: Michael Carter

School: North Carolina

Takeaway: Carter was the best running back available on Day 3. He will add good energy to the Jets' backfield. He is agile and reliable with the ball in his hands and also can also be a big difference-maker on screen passes.

Pick: 108

Team: Atlanta Falcons

Position: CB

Selection: Darren Hall

School: San Diego State

Takeaway: Hall is a swift outside corner with steady production in college. He possesses the athleticism and skill to go up against the league's best receivers and will likely be a Week 1 start for the Atlanta Falcons.

Pick: 109

Team: Tennessee Titans

Position: WR

Selection: Dez Fitzpatrick

School: Louisville

Takeaway: Fitzpatrick is an underrated WR prospect. Blessed with tremendous speed, the receiver is a big target known for his textbook route running. He catches everything downfield. He will fill in for Corey Davis in the Titans' receiving unit.

Pick: 110

Team: Cleveland Browns

Position: OT

Selection: James Hudson

School: Cincinnati

Takeaway: A fierce and strong OT, Hudson is a strong blocker in the passing game and opens up passing lanes with assured blocks in the run game. He has tremendous upside and could be a steady figure in the Browns' O-line.

Pick: 111

Team: Cincinnati Bengals

Position: Edge

Selection: Cameron Sample

School: Tulane

Takeaway: A fascinating defensive lineman with good build and admirable pass-rushing skills.

Pick: 112

Team: Detroit Lions

Position: WR

Selection: Amon-Ra St. Brown

School: USC

Takeaway: Brown is one of the better route runners in this year's draft class. He has a big catch radius but struggled with concentration issues during his college career. The Lions needed a wide receiver and Brown was possibly the best available on the board.

Pick: 113

Team: Detroit Lions

Position: LB

Selection: Derrick Barnes

School: Purdue

Takeaway: An addition on defense for the Lions, Purdue linebacker Barnes has good short-area quickness and long arms and is a menace as a pass-rusher off the edge.

Pick: 114

Team: Atlanta Falcons

Position: C

Selection: Drew Dalman

School: Standford

Takeaway: Dalman is an explosive, hardworking athlete with excellent upside. He was slow in initiating contact during his college career and it's something that he needs to work on.

Pick: 115

Team: Dallas Cowboys

Position: LB

Selection: Jabril Cox

School: LSU

Takeaway: Cox thrived in his only year at the FBS level. He is great in coverage and can make plays on pass attempts. But he needs to work on reacting quicker and getting more aggressive during running plays.

Pick: 116

Team: New York Giants

Position: EDGE

Selection: Elerson G. Smith

School: Northern Iowa

Takeaway: New York needed a pass-rusher, and Cox was among the best available on the board. He is a tall, well-built edge rusher with a refined arsenal of pass-rushing moves. He needs to add on more muscle before the start of the new season.

Pick: 117

Team: Los Angeles Rams

Position: DT

Selection: Bobby Brown III

School: Texas A&M

Takeaway: Brown has the frame of a nose tackle but the quickness of a linebacker. Few defensive linemen have more upside than Brown.

Pick: 118

Team: Los Angeles Chargers

Position: EDGE

Selection: Chris Rumph II

School: Duke

Takeaway: Chris Rumph II is the son of Chicago Bears defensive line coach Chris Rumph. Rumph II is one of the athletic pass rushers in this year's draft. But he is slightly undersized for a pass rusher and needs to add weight before the new season.

Pick: 119

Team: Minnesota Vikings

Position: RB

Selection: Kene Nwangwu

School: Iowa State

Takeaway: While he didn't see much of the ball at Iowa State, Nwangwu is the best mixture of size, build and speed at running back once we get past the best players available at that position in the draft.

Pick: 120

Team: New England Patriots

Position: RB

Selection: Rhamdondre Stevenson

School: Oklahoma

Takeaway: Stevenson is big, a bruiser with impressive quickness for a bigger back. His elusiveness, however, is mediocre.

Pick: 121

Team: Jacksonville Jaguars

Position: Edge

Selection: Jordan Smith

School: Alabama-Birmingham

Takeaway: Smith is a super long, flexible edge with very productive numbers in 2020. He looks like a basketball player on the field but is a pure pass rusher.

Pick: 122

Team: Cincinnati Bengals

Position: DT

Selection: Tyler Shelvin

School: LSU

Takeaway: Shelvin is a beast with impressive athleticism and pass-rush ability. He will help the run defense immediately.

Pick: 123

Team: Philadelphia Eagles

Position: CB

Selection: Zech McPhearson

School: Texas Tech

Takeaway: McPherson is a speedster who was a late riser in the draft. He tested well and is worth a gamble here for a secondary that requires more talent.

Pick: 124

Team: Washington Football Team

Position: TE

Selection: John Bates

School: Boise State

Takeaway: Bates is a long-term, developmental pass-catching prospect who is deceptively great after the catch.

Pick: 125

Team: Minnesota Vikings

Position: CB

Selection: Camryn Bynum

School: California

Takeaway: Due to his tremendous speed and nimble footwork, Bynum can keep up with any receiver in the league. He is a very steady prospect even though he is lanky and has shorter arms than a conventional cornerback.

Pick: 126

Team: Carolina Panthers

Position: RB

Selection: Chuba Hubbard

School: Oklahoma State

Takeaway: Hubbard is a solid option behind Christian McCaffrey. He's also a good blocker, so this is a great pick by the Panthers.

Pick: 127

Team: Indianapolis Colts

Position: TE

Selection: Kylen Granson

School: Southern Methodist

Takeaway: Although he is an older prospect, Granson comes into the league with plenty of production on his resume. He might not have the ability to stretch the seam with consistency.

Pick: 128

Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Position: OT

Selection: Dan Moore Jr.

School: A&M

Takeaway: Moore is a starting-caliber offensive tackle. He is sturdy, possesses tremendous strength and has a long wingspan. He needs to get a beat quicker.

Pick: 129

Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Position: WR

Selection: Jaelon Darden

School: North Texas

Takeaway: Darden is one of the quickest receivers in the 2021 NFL draft. He will be way down the Buccaneers depth chart but has the speed and skill to hurt any defense in the league.

Pick: 130

Team: Los Angeles Rams

Position: CB

Selection: Robert Rochell

School: Central Arkansas

Takeaway: Rochell is a livewire small-school prospect with profound man coverage ability. He could, however, be prone to an error in coverage down the field.

Pick: 131

Team: Baltimore Ravens

Position: WR

Selection: Tylan Wallace

School: Oklahoma State

Takeaway: Wallace plays faster than his timed speed and is a ball-tracking specialist. Baltimore has smartly added another target for Lamar Jackson.

Pick: 132

Team: Cleveland Browns

Position: DT

Selection: Tommy Togial

School: Oklahoma State

Takeaway: Togial's bull-rushing ability is excellent. He is fast off the line but lacks the speed and skill to be a dominant player. Cleveland needed to address the interior of their defensive line and decided to take a punt on Togial.

Pick: 133

Team: New Orleans Saints

Position: QB

Selection: Ian Book

School: Notre Dame

Takeaway: Book is not an NFL-caliber passer, but his running ability is reliable.

Pick: 134

Team: Minnesota Vikings

Position: EDGE

Selection: Janarius Robinson

School: Florida State

Takeaway: Robinson is a freaky specimen. Tall, athletic and blessed with instincts to get around the edge. He couldn't polish his skills at Florida State, but there is room for development and growth.

Pick: 135

Team: Tennessee Titans

Position: DE

Selection: Rashad Weaver

School: Pittsburgh

Takeaway: Weaver is a polished prospect. His pass-rush moves are stellar. Despite being a big guy, he's sharp and agile around the edge. He doesn't play to his measurements and is a stellar athlete.

Pick: 136

Team: Arizona Cardinals

Position: CB

Selection: Marco Wilson

School: Florida

Takeaway: Wilson is a freaky athlete but didn't show much during his college career. He barely made plays on the ball and struggled to keep up with receivers at times. But he is worth the plunge because of the athleticism.

Pick: 137

Team: Seattle Seahawks

Position: CB

Selection: Tre Brown

School: Oklahoma

Takeaway: Super-feisty ready-to-go slot. Brown has great agility and loves battling with wide receivers. He can be an instant starter for the Seahawks.

Pick: 138

Team: Dallas Cowboys

Position: OT

Selection: Josh Ball

School: Marshall

Takeaway: Despite being an older prospect, Ball is a great athlete with decent upside. His awareness during pass protection is commendable but he needs to be more robust to deal with bull rushes. He is more of a project than a starter.

Pick: 139

Team: Cincinnati Bengals

Position: OT

Selection: D'Ante Smith

School: East Carolina

Takeaway: Smith is a sturdy blocker who needs to gain weight to play on the edge in the NFL. But he has tremendous strength and is a bully at the line.

Pick: 140

Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Position: LB

Selection: Buddy Johnson

School: Texas A&M

Takeaway: Johnson showcased great athleticism and production during his college career, but there are doubts if has the talent or the upside to be a quality pro. An interesting pick by the Steelers.

Pick: 141

Team: Los Angeles Rams

Position: WR

Selection: Jacob Harris

School: UCF

Takeaway: Harris is TE who plays as a WR. He tested like an elite athlete and had a few productive games in the 2020 college football season. He is among the most experienced players in the draft.

Pick: 142

Team: Green Bay Packers

Position: G

Selection: Royce Newman

School: Misspippii

Takeaway: Newman can play anywhere on the offensive line. He is balanced with good handwork and agility. He has to get stronger and add more girth to his frame. This was a smart pick by Green Bay.

Pick: 143

Team: Las Vegas Raiders

Position: S

Selection: Tyrr Gillespie

School: Mississippi

Takeaway: Perhaps not the most significant acquisition with the Raiders having already picked up two safeties earlier, but Gillespie is a rocket in the backfield. There are some concerns about his ability to stick with receivers in coverage.

Pick: 144

Team: Kansas City Chiefs

Position: DE

Selection: Joshua Kaindoh

School: FSU

Takeaway: Kaindoh is another tall, athletic specimen who can become a menace to deal with for tackles around the league. He didn't quite live up to expectations in college, which is why he fell to the fourth round of the NFL draft.

Published 02 May 2021
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