Rob Gronkowski reveals Tom Brady was driving major rule change to protect TEs - "Needs to be implemented”

Former NFL TE Rob Gronkowski (L) on NFL rule change involving former teammate Tom Brady (R)
Former NFL TE Rob Gronkowski (L) on NFL rule change involving former teammate Tom Brady (R)

Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady had a great deal of success together in the NFL and formed a lasting friendship. On a recent episode of the Up & Adams show, Gronkowski spoke about his former teammate and which current NFL rule he would like to change.

He pointed out something Brady had mentioned about protecting defenseless tight ends and receivers.

“Tom Brady brought this up plenty of times, it’s to protect the receivers, it’s protect the tight ends," said Rob. "Because a lot of guys out there, offensive linemen, defensive linemen, quarterbacks, they’re all protected from their knees down. You can’t blindside anyone when they’re unprotected or when they’re defenseless."

Gronk added:

"A defenseless receiver is the only person that’s not protected from the knees down. Linemen are, running backs are quarterbacks are, all those players are protected in that situation. But a defenseless receiver when looking at the quarterback to make the catch, a linebacker or cornerback can still take out your knees even when you’re not looking."

Gronkowski concluded:

"So that’s a defenseless receiver. So, therefore, that needs to be implemented as a new rule change, to where you cannot take out a defenseless receiver’s knees from their knees down.”

Rule 12, Article Three, Section Two of the league's rulebook covers players in a defenseless position. Players in a defenseless position are those in the act of or just after throwing a pass, and receivers trying to catch a pass who have not had time to obviously become a runner.

To Grokowski's point, there's no rule about hitting any defenseless player below their knees.

Could Rob Gronkowski come out of retirement to play for the Raiders?

Rob Gronkowski retired last June but could that change? Tom Brady recently became a part-owner of the Las Vegas Raiders following his retirement this offseason.

The duo spent 11 seasons together for the New England Patriots (nine seasons) and then the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (two seasons).

They won four Super Bowls in their 11 seasons as teammates but it seems that the All-Pro tight end is content with retired life for now.

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