Stephen A. Smith believes Cowboys owner pushed for viral tweet slamming Dak Prescott

Could Jerry Jones have had something to do with the Dak Prescott tweet?
Could Jerry Jones have had something to do with the Dak Prescott tweet?

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones may have been involved with a viral tweet that called out Dak Prescott for the team's loss to the San Francisco 49ers. Stephen A. Smith, a noted Cowboys hater, believes so, at least.

On ESPN, Smith said there's no way that the tweet went out without his knowing or his permission:

"When you see that tweet that was put up there. Yeah, that's a Dallas Cowboy tweet. You understand? I'm saying that's their page, correct? You think that they put that up without Jerry's okay? You think that they will put that up, and Jerry Jones have no knowledge of it whatsoever... You really think that tweet went up without Jerry Jones permission? Y'all know better. Y'all know better."

Smith went on to add that Jones might have canceled a radio interview with Smith because he knows that the infamous ESPN analyst might have caught on:

"Jerry Jones canceled that interview because Jerry Jones got decisions to make. Got decisions to make about his quarterback. Got decisions to make about his offensive coordinator. Got decisions to make about his head coach. ... That's why he canceled that interview number one because he was scared of what he's gonna say because he knows how I feel."

The Cowboys fell to the 49ers by a score of 19-12 on Sunday, which ended their season prematurely.

What did the Cowboys tweet about Dak Prescott?

The official Dallas Cowboys Twitter account tweeted the following after the loss to the 49ers on Sunday:

"Dak Prescott gave away the ball twice in the narrow loss to the 49ers, in a matchup the Cowboys had a chance to win if they didn’t again generate self-inflicted wounds."

Prescott took most of the blame anyway, but it was strange to see the official account call him out like that.

Dak Prescott threw two interceptions
Dak Prescott threw two interceptions

Smith's theory that Jones, who is infamous for stirring things up and is very involved as an NFL team owner, had something to do with the tweet or at the very least gave permission for it to be tweeted isn't that far off-base.

The Cowboys lost for a lot of reasons, but the primary blame is clearly being placed on Dak Prescott.

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