Tom Brady FTX scandal: Big development in crypto case could spell trouble for NFL icon

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Arizona Cardinals
Former Buccaneers QB Tom Brady could be in trouble in recent crypto case

Tom Brady is arguably the greatest quarterback in NFL history but the future Hall of Famer finds himself in some trouble. The seven-time Super Bowl winner along with other celebrities who publicized FTX has gained the cooperation of Dan Friedberg FTX's former compliance chief. This is per a revised complaint that was recently filed.

The filing shows that Friedberg supplied evidence showing that crucial FTX promotional ventures happened in Florida. 11 others, including the former NFL star, all advertised unregistered securities by serving as brand ambassadors for the company according to the filing.

While Brady and others didn't ask FTX about the unregistered securities, one pop superstar did.

Taylor Swift was supposedly set to sign a large deal with FTX but was unsure:

"Can you tell me these are not unregistered securities?"

Plaintiffs claim that under Florida law, the defendants are legally responsible for the losses that customers took when FTX-listed cryptocurrencies dropped significantly in worth.

These plaintiffs are looking for billions of dollars worth of damages in this case. Tom Brady's ex-wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, is also one of the defendants in this case.

The former couple were joint investors in FTX and each had an equity stake in the company. Brady, Bundchen, and others were sued by FTX investor Edwin Garrison last November.

Will Tom Brady be playing the NFL this upcoming season?

While Tom Brady is facing a potentially damaging lawsuit, others are speculating if the 45-year-old will come out of retirement this season. It seems that the three-time NFL MVP could have his eye on another aspect of the game.

According to multiple reports, Brady might become a part of the Las Vegas Raiders as a limited partner. Raiders owner Mark Davis have been going on for some time now and the quarterback could find himself in the owners box.


The former New England Patriots star would be reunited (of sorts) with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and head coach Josh McDaniels, his former Patriots offensive coordinator.

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