Top 10 Most Valuable Aaron Rodgers rookie cards 

NFC Championship - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Green Bay Packers
NFC Championship - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Green Bay Packers
Bethany Cohen

For memorabilia collectors, more specifically card collectors, finding the best value is a big win. The most popular cards right now involve reigning NFL's Most Valuable Player quarterback Aaron Rodgers. With the Green Bay Packers quarterback's future uncertain, card collectors are trying to get their hands on his rookie cards in case he decides to retire.

The most fascinating aspect of Rodgers' rookie cards from 2005 is the fact that he didn't start a single game that season. Finding the rookie cards with the most value is key to all collectors.

10 Aaron Rodgers rookie cards with the most value

#1 - 2005 SP Authentic Autograph Jersey

Only 99 of these rookie cards were created and each has a serial number. Each of the cards has a piece of Aaron Rodgers game-worn jersey. These cards can cost up to $8,000 each.

#2 - 2005 Exquisite Collection Autograph Jersey Card

Less than 200 of these cards were ever created, making their value quite high. The cards contain a piece of the Green Bay Packers' home as well as their away jersey from the 2005 season. Aaron Rodgers' autograph is at the bottom of the card. Each of these cards can cost up to $3,000.

#3 - 2005 Playoff Contender Rookie Ticket Autograph Card

These cards aren't numbered but approximately 500 were created. They feature a picture of Aaron Rodgers on a Green Bay Packers game ticket. This type of card could go anywhere from $1,000 up to $3,000 depending on the condition.

#4 - 2005 Topps Chrome Gold Xfractor

Each of these 399 cards was numbered and featured Aaron Rodgers' autograph along with a picture of him throwing the ball. One of the cards with a top ten number could fetch up to $5,000.

#5 - 2005 Ultimate Collection

Only 99 copies of the 2005 Ultimate Collection Card were created for Aaron Rodgers' rookie season. The special feature of this card is that it was made horizontal instead of vertical. This rare card can be worth about $1,500.

#6 - 2005 Upper Decks Foundations Signature

This card is one of the few that features Rodgers in a practice uniform. The card had two editions, one with a golden strip and one without. The former can cost up to $1,000 while the latter can be bought for as low as $400.

#7 - 2005 Finest Rookie Autograph

Only 299 copies of this card were created. What makes this card unique is the fact that it's a picture of Aaron Rodgers in a practice uniform and not game-ready, which is quite unusual. The autograph featured on the card is on a sticker which makes it less valuable. Cards that are in mint condition can fetch up to $500.

#8 - 2005 Upper Deck Rookie Premiere Platinum

This card doesn't have an autograph on it which drops its value a bit. Considering it's a premiere card, a copy in mint condition could be worth a few hundred dollars.

#9 - 2005 Bowman's Best Autograph

This card is a bit "cheesy" as it has bright colors and doesn't look as professional as some of the other top-rated cards. There were just 199 of these Aaron Rodgers' cards made and cards that are still in good condition can fetch up to $300.

#10 - 2005 Leaf Limited

These cards are autographed and the upside is that only 250 of these cards were produced. One of these cards in mint condition can be worth up to $500.

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