Top 5 Highest-Rated Cleveland Browns players in Madden 22

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns
Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns might have had an early exit in the NFL playoffs last year, but at least they could receive a 99 rated player in Madden 22. In Madden 21, the Browns had three players with ratings in the 90s but Myles Garrett was snubbed from a 99.

Cleveland are putting together an underrated roster and they could have another three or four players with a rating in the 90s when Madden 22 is released. Here are the players who should have the highest rating in Madden 22.

Does Cleveland's Myles Garrett get snubbed again in Madden 22?

When Madden 21 was launched, DE Myles Garrett received a rating of 92. By the end of the season, he had reached 98, just shy of 99. RB Nick Chubb was another player who received an initial 92 and he finished with a 96. At his rate, Chubb could reach the 99 Club in the near future.

#5 WR Odell Beckham Jr

Madden 21 Launch Rating - 91

Madden 21 Super Bowl Rating - 90

Madden 22 Launch Rating - 89

Odell Beckham Jr only played in seven games for Cleveland before tearing his ACL. He had just 23 catches for 319 yards and 3 TDs before his injury. His Madden rating took a slight hit with him missing much of the season.

He gets an 89 to begin Madden 22 due to the fact we don't know how he will perform in a live game yet. OBJ has five 1,000-yard seasons under his belt and could see his player rating shoot back up into the 90s if he's fully healthy and hasn't lost a step.

#4 LG Joel Bitonio

Madden 21 Launch Rating - 86

Madden 21 Super Bowl Rating - 88

Madden 22 Launch Rating - 89

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens
Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens

The 3x Pro Bowl guard was a 2020 All-Pro and was named one of the NFL's top guards. Bitonio is an anchor on this offensive line and is a major player in Cleveland's dominant run game. An 89 is a great rating, but Bitonio can easily find himself ending the season with a Madden 22 rating as high as 92.

#3 CB Denzel Ward

Madden 21 Launch Rating - 86

Madden 21 Super Bowl Rating - 89

Madden 22 Launch Rating - 90

Denzel Ward was one of the best NFL players under 25 in 2020. He had 2 INTs, a career-high 8 passes defended, and 46 total tackles. He almost reached a player rating of 90 last season and is solidifying his case for one of the best shutdown corners in the league.

The Cleveland secondary only improved during the offseason, and Ward could benefit from the extra help. His Madden 22 rating could increase as soon as Week 1.

#2 RB Nick Chubb

Madden 21 Launch Rating - 92

Madden 21 Super Bowl Rating - 96

Madden 22 Launch Rating - 97

Nick Chubb is on the brink of getting a hefty contract from Cleveland and a fantastic Madden 22 rating. He missed four games in 2020 but still had 1,067 yards and 12 TDs. In 2019, he was just shy of cracking 1,500 rushing yards.

With a rating of 97, Chubb should be the second-highest rated RB behind Derrick Henry. If he gets close to 1,500 yards again or scores another 10+ TDs, the Browns could get a 99 RB.

#1 DE Myles Garrett

Madden 21 Launch Rating - 93

Madeen 21 Super Bowl Rating - 98

Madden 22 Launch Rating - 99

It's a crime that Myles Garrett only had a 93 rating in Madden 21 and an even bigger slap in the face that he only reached 98. (He's even been showing he could warrant a high rating in NBA 2K).

He was sixth in the NFL with 12 sacks and had a career-high 48 combined tackles. He's posted double-digit sacks for three straight seasons for Cleveland and is feared by many on the gridiron. In Madden 22, he should get a warm welcome in the 99 Club.

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