WATCH: Sean McVay knew Aaron Donald would make Super Bowl-clinching sack on Joe Burrow

The pass rusher and the head coach moments after Super Bowl LVI
The pass rusher and the head coach moments after Super Bowl LVI
Ian Van Roy

Sean McVay has been lauded as an offensive genius since he broke into the head coaching arena in 2017. Apparently, he's a future-teller as well.

Adam Schefter posted a clip of the head coach getting his guys pumped for their final series. One player he talked to was Aaron Donald.

"Hey! What else could you want? What else could you want? Right now! Let's go! Let's go! Hey, Aaron! This is the moment. Right now."

Sure enough, when the defense got on the field, they stonewalled the Bengals, who needed a field goal to tie. In the clip, with dramatic music playing, Donald was set at the line of scrimmage.

WATCH: Sean McVay and the Rams clinch Super Bowl LVI win over Cincinnati Bengals

Sean McVay called his shot…📹 @NFLFilms

On the fourth and one, the pass rusher blew through the offensive line to tackle Joe Burrow, causing the football to fall harmlessly to the turf. McVay was beside himself with joy, immediately putting his hands in the air.

Later, the coach ran over to the pass rusher. He seemed as equally amazed that he called the last full-speed play of the Super Bowl after winning the Lombardi Trophy.

"Aaron! Aaron! Aaron! Hey! Come here! I knew! Great job! I knew you would make that play! I knew you would make that play!"

What's next for Sean McVay and Aaron Donald?

The head coach calling Aaron Donald's number moments before he won the Super Bowl
The head coach calling Aaron Donald's number moments before he won the Super Bowl

Before the game, the head coach shockingly gave an indication about possibly retiring. Meanwhile, news broke an hour before kickoff that the pass rusher was actively thinking about walking away with a victory in the game.

Now both have gotten what they wish. Is this the end for either?

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Both the head coach and pass rusher are in their 30s, and have plenty of gas in the tank. The 36-year old head coach could coach for another 36 years if he wanted.

For Donald, the pass rusher is coming off a season that fits within his history of dominance. Both could stick around and attempt to go for back-to-back trophies.


Beyond that, both could slip from next season onward and likely still find work easily over the next five years in the NFL. For McVay, coaches have stuck around in their position for various teams for more than a decade based off of one solid season.

Based on his history of dominance, the head coach could easily coast for a decade or longer.

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