Who is Henry Ruggs' girlfriend Kiara Kilgo-Washington? NFL star's longtime partner seriously injured in car crash

Henry Ruggs and Kiara Kilgo-Washington | Image Source: y.d.u.r/Instagram
Henry Ruggs and Kiara Kilgo-Washington | Image Source: y.d.u.r/Instagram
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In the fatal crash involving Henry Ruggs and his longtime partner, Kiara Kilgo-Washington, was also seriously injured.

Henry Ruggs and Kiara Kilgo-Washington were in the Corvette, driven by the former Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver, which plowed into another car at 127 miles per hour that killed the occupant of the other vehicle, Tina Tintor, 23.

Henry Ruggs III was going 156 MPH before slamming into the vehicle that took the life of a 23yr old woman and her dog. His airbag deployed at 127 MPH!

While the focus has been on Henry Ruggs because he has more name recognition as an NFL player, the two women involved in this case were the victims of his folly. Tina Tintor lost her life at the tender age of 23 and Kiara Kilgo-Washington was severely injured. Washington reportedly had to undergo emergency surgery on her arm due to a broken wrist.

Who is Kiara Kilgo-Washington, Henry Ruggs' partner?

Kiara Kilgo-Washington is Henry Ruggs' longtime partner. They also have a baby daughter together by the name of Kenzli, born last year. Everything seemed to be perfect in their household before this horror crash.

Kiara Kilgo-Washington is an athlete and an internet sensation. The 23-year-old played volleyball at Park Crossing High School and Paine College.

Kiara Kilgo-Washington, who also goes by Rudy Washington, is heavily active on social media. She used to put much of what she and Henry Ruggs did on multiple social media platforms.

On the night of the tragic incident, Washington shared a video on Snapchat where Henry Ruggs is seen practicing his golf swing. In many ways, what seems like a regular video becomes tinged with horror because it was from there they took the fateful drive that would change the course of both their lives.

Video of Henry Ruggs at Top Golf in Las Vegas in the hours before his deadly crash posted by his girlfriend Kiara Kilgo-Washington who was also injured in the crash.

In a video from 2020 on her YouTube channel, Kiara Kilgo-Washington can be seen telling Henry Ruggs to slow down as they zoom around the Las Vegas streets in apparently the same car involved in the car crash. The video has since been deleted.

New: A video obtained by the Review-Journal appears to show former Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs speeding on a Las Vegas residential street with his girlfriend.The car in the Sept. 2020 video appears to be the same one involved in Tuesday’s

Kiara Kilgo-Washington and Henry Ruggs were living a perfect life. She was a rising star on the internet and he was a rising star in the NFL. Yet, a moment of irresponsibility has turned their world upside down. Still, they can consider themselves fortunate because, unlike Tina Tintor, they survived the car crash.

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