Hattrem Pokémon: How to catch, Stats, Moves, Strength, Weakness, Trivia, FAQs

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Hattrem is a Psychic type Pokemon introduced along with the Galar Region (Generation VIII). It is the evolved form of Hatenna and the pre-evolution of Hatterene. This Pokemon’s hat is so powerful that it can knock out a professional boxer with a single blow.

About Hattrem

First appearance in animePokemon: Twilight Wings
First appearance in gameSword/Shield
Region Galar
Evolution Hatenna → Hattrem → Hatterene
1st Evo level32
Pokedex EntryUsing the braids on its head, it pummels foes to get them to quiet down. One blow from those braids would knock out a professional boxer.

Hattrem Base stats



Hattrem is based on a witch; to be more precise, a witch’s hat, hence the name. It has a primarily blue and pink colour palette. On its head is a hat-like structure with braids attached to it, with two pink ribbon-like parts, and on top of that is a pink cone. Its eyes are black and it has a tiny body which looks like a dress but it manages to stand up by using the braids on its head.


Hattrem are Pokemon which can sense emotions and it hates strong emotions. It goes to such extremes that if you show strong emotion around this Pokemon, it can silence you violently. It’s braids aren’t to be underestimated either. It can not only support the Pokemon’s entire body, but can also knock out a professional boxer with a single blow from it.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Since Hattrem is a pure Psychic type, it has very basic weaknesses and resistances. It takes double the normal damage from Bug, Ghost and Dark type moves. On the other hand, it is resistant to Fighting and Psychic type attacks but has no immunities.

Best moveset

Despite having a high special attack stat, it does not have a special attack boosting move which prevents it from benefiting largely from it. But because of the same, it is easy to use Choice Specs on this Pokemon to be a one move damage dealing sweeper.

Due to Choice Specs, this Pokemon can use only one move in this kit. Because of this, try to not use Psychic if the enemy has a Dark type Pokemon in the team because it can be easily nullified by switching it in. All four of these are hyper offensive, so choose the moves according to the typing of the opponent.

PsychicDark Pulse
Mystic FlareDazzling Gleam

How to catch Hattrem in Pokemon Go?

This Pokemon is not yet available in the game.


  1. Hattrem’s braids are so strong that they can knock out a professional boxer. However, its base attack is incredibly low with a high special attack, which are generally non-contact moves.
  2. Hattrem has a 100% chance of being female. This means that it is impossible to get a male Hattrem legitimately.
  3. Hattrem gains a fairy typing upon evolving into Hatterene.


What is a Hattrem?

Hattrem is a Psychic type Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Is there a male Hattrem?

No. Hattrem have a 100% chance of being female.

What is Hattrem weak to?

A bug, dark or ghost type move can land a super-effective hit on Hattrem.


Hattrem are strong Psychic type Pokemon that are absolutely brutal despite its cute looks. Not only will it silence you violently upon sensing strong emotions, but can also knock you out with one hit from its braids. Competitively, it is better to evolve Hattrem before using it. However, if you still insist on using this Pokemon for maybe sentimental reasons, you can either run it as a sweeper with choice specs or as a support with Eviolite and magic bounce. It can counter many meta Pokemon with its ability by carefully switching in.

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