5 Roblox games that fans of My Little Pony should check out

Live out your My Little Pony fantasy in these Roblox games (Image via Twitter)
The finest five My Little Pony games on Roblox (Image via Twitter)

Roblox gamers never have a dull moment as new titles from various genres are released on the platform every day. The diversity in games on Roblox has increased the number of active players on the gaming app, especially the younger generation.

Hence, the developers of Roblox titles curate their games to cater to their audience. They draw inspiration from TV shows and movies and create games inspired by them to keep the fanbase engaged and happy.

One popular TV show everyone has watched at least once is My Little Pony. The animated children's TV series was inspired by Hasbro's toy line and media franchise My Little Pony. The show was a major hit amongst children right after its release and later gained popularity among adults.

This article covers the five best My Little Pony-inspired Roblox games for readers to play and feed their nostalgia.

Live out My Little Pony fantasy in these Roblox games

1) My Little Pony Tycoon


Roblox My Little Pony Tycoon by Berang's Little Studio is a favorite among My Little Pony fans. It is a classic tycoon game wherein the players get to create and own their base. Gamers can start by selecting one of the many My Little Pony bases, namely:

  • Twilight Sparkle
  • Pinkie Pie
  • Sunset Shimmer
  • Applejack
  • Rainbow Dash
  • Fluttershy
  • Rarity
  • Spike
  • Starlight Glimmer

All the bases in the game are inspired by the names of the ponies in My Little Pony. After selecting the base, players get an amount of money that they can use to buy droppers, mega droppers, super droppers, or to buy an upgrade for the dropper.

These automatic droppers produce "bricks" that drop on the conveyor belt and are transported to the brick collector, where the bricks are removed from the conveyor belt, giving the player money in exchange. They can then use this money to purchase more machines, upgrades, potions, morphs, and weapons.

Each tycoon's weapons, potions, and morphs vary based on the tycoon's pony. These weapons can be used by gamers to protect their tycoons from other players and to protect themselves while stealing weapons from other tycoons. Morphs are a cool element in the game that allows the players to be fully in the element of their pony.

2) Roleplay is Magic - My Little Pony 3D Roleplay


Roblox's "Roleplay is Magic - My Little Pony 3D Roleplay" is an RPG game on the platform and is one of the most popular user-generated My Little Pony experiences on Roblox. The game was created by Roleplay is Magic Fanclub way back in 2012 and has nearly 25 million visits.

The title has a simple concept, just like any other roleplaying game, but is still very fun and engaging. Players can start by selecting any pony character from My Little Pony from the pop-up menu.

They can also create their own customized ponies in this Roblox RPG game from the menu. They can decide the gender and age of their pony, customize the wings or horn, half round, mane, body type and size, and accessories of their pony. They can take inspiration from pre-existing characters or put on their creative hats and create the pony of their dreams.

Once the pony has been created, gamers can proceed and enjoy roleplaying as a pony along with their friends or with random players online, or simply hang out online and have a fun time in Ponyville.

3) My Little Pony Equestria Girls 3D Roleplay MLP RP


Roblox "My Little Pony Equestria Girls 3D Roleplay MLP RP" is another RPG game inspired by My Little Pony on the online gaming platform. The roleplaying title was created by @CookieCat_064 and has bagged 2 million visits.

The game starts with the player spawning right in front of Canterlot High School, referred to as CHS in the game. Canterlot High School is a high school located in the alternate dimension of the Equestria and was the primary setting for the "My Little Pony Equestria Girls" franchise.

Gamers should be able to spot the morph portal right next to them. Walking into the portal would lead the player to a room filled with their favorite My Little Pony characters. Players can simply step onto the morph button in front of the character they desire to morph into. The room also consists of a remove hat and a remove morph button.

Once Roblox gamers have morphed into the character they desire, they may leave the portal to go back and explore Canterlot High School. Players can roleplay alongside their friends on a private server or with random players online, make new friends and go along with a fun skit. Overall, the game ensures the players have a jolly MLP roleplaying experience.

4) Fluttershy's Lovely Home


Roblox Fluttershy's Lovely Home is a truly distinctive game for all My Little Pony fans. The trait that makes the game very different from all the other MLP games on the platform is the genre of the game. Fluttershy's Lovely Home is the only horror genre game on this list.

The game has attracted quite a number of players since launch because it is a horror game involving gore and blood based on the cute series My Little Pony and was the last thing anyone would have expected. This unique game was created by @leafie_breeze and is back on Roblox after being banned.

The game starts with Fluttershy inviting the players into her so-called lovely home and showing them around. The player wanders around with Fluttershy and gets offered a glass of water as part of the storyline.

The storyline proceeds according to the answers the players give Fluttershy to the series of interactive questions she asks. As the player tries to leave, Fluttershy closes all the exits, kidnaps them, and asks them to fetch some hairclips in a dark room. Upon entering, players can hear Fluttershy talking creepingly and chasing them. Play the game to see what happens next!

5) My Little Pony Obby!


Roblox My Little Pony Obby! is a classic obby-based game created by @mintygirl96. The Roblox game is one of the many My Little Pony obby titles on the gaming platform and is a favorite amongst many.

The game is an obby or an obstacle course wherein gamers are required to pass through various levels of My Little Pony-themed obstacles to win the game. Although this obby is relatively easy, the difficulty level of the obstacles tends to vary throughout the game, keeping the player fully engaged.

Each stage of the obstacle course requires the players to use different controls to complete that obstacle. Each stage of the obby consists of a checkpoint for the players in case they cannot complete the next stage. This obby is colorful and lively and consists of adorable decor consisting of ponies inspired by the series.

Upon completing the obby, players reach the winner's area that includes prizes like color trails, body color, super jump coil, super speed coil, a play area, and more.

Note: The Roblox games mentioned in the list above are not ranked in any order and are subjective to the opinion of the writer.

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