Top 5 anime Roblox games launched in 2022

Have a look at these anime Roblox games released in 2022 (Image via
Have a look at these anime Roblox games released in 2022 (Image via

Roblox has an abundance of games from all sorts of genres, ranging from roleplaying to tycoons, from action to sandbox and so much more. This vast variety and the plethora of games ensure that there are a bunch of titles on Roblox that cater to their preferred gaming style.

Hence, the creators continue to take inspiration from media sources and develop their games accordingly. One of the most common and popular media that is loved by gamers all over the world is anime.

A lot of anime-inspired games have been released on Roblox this year. It can get confusing for anime fans to decide which game on the platform is worthy.

This article features the top five Roblox games that have been released in 2022 that can be played by all anime fans out there early on before it blows up.

Check out these 5 amazing anime Roblox games released in 2022

1) Anime Force


Roblox Anime Force is an anime arena-type game developed by ThinBlueCalifornia in 2022. The title is commonly said to be an updated battle version of Anime Battle Arena. It also has a bunch of game mode experiences, with the most popular ones being Sudden Death and Free for All.

The gaming experience is loved for its combat mechanics and solid visuals that are appealing to the eye. The Anime force allows gamers to fight other players in the form of their favorite anime characters. They can use their skills and utilize the awakening bar to fight their enemies for as long as possible.

The arena and character selection setup are very similar to Jump Force's. Overall, this newly released game is underrated and has a lot of potential, and should be given a play by all anime fans.

2)Project Slayers


Roblox Project Slayers by Project Slayers is an open-world RPG fighting genre game that allows gamers to create characters in the Demon Slayer anime multiverse. Players can choose to continue as human beings and brawl off demons or they can choose to betray their own people by attacking them and being a part of the dark side.

The description of the game reads:

"Now, the adventure awaits you, whether you choose to help humanity or go against it, whichever road you decide you will have many struggles. The choice is yours."

The game is one of the best games based on Demon Slayer in Roblox. The main goal for any player in this RPG Roblox game is to defeat their enemies, explore a vast map full of secrets, find and claim amazing rewards and become the most powerful being in the game.

The visuals, combat, breathing styles, and overall content progression of the game are excellent. Interactive quests, good demons, and fun missions are also some of the fun elements of the game. Project Slayers ensures that the players are never bored. This is a highly recommended title that all Roblox players should try.

3) Legend Piece


Roblox Legend Piece was developed by Legends Studio and released by Legend Piece Group. It is a new favorite amongst anime fans. It is a pirate game inspired by the popular anime series One Piece. This gaming experience enables gamers to sail around the seas, find adventures, and fight their way through bandits.

The description of the game reads as:

"Either become a swordsman or a powerful devil fruit user as you train to become the strongest player."

While on their adventure, gamers shall come across powerful "devil fruits" that contain incredible powers and make their users mighty powerful. Players indulge in conquering all the seas and play with the ulterior motive of becoming the most powerful pirate in the world.

The devil fruit spawns on the map every hour and despawns if not claimed within 15 minutes. Players may also buy these fruits from the black market, where random fruits are restocked every hour. The title allows up to 12 gamers to play on a single server. The game is a thrilling experience that anime fans should enjoy.

4) Jojo: Crusaders' Heaven


Roblox Jojo: Crusaders' Heaven is an experience released by OvaHeaven. It is a newly released game on the platform inspired by JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. The game is a true heaven for super fans of the anime and they would love this fighting genre gaming experience.

The game blew up after its launch and immediately got recognition. The servers accommodate up to 16 players. Roblox Jojo: Crusaders' Heaven allows players to fight and unleash complete havoc on their enemies. They get to take the stand alongside their favorite iconic characters from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Even though the game has excellent combat graphics and a smooth gameplay experience, the game's still in testing and contains a lot of work-in-progress content. This RPG game is fun as there are a bunch of gaming modes. Gamers can keep on playing to boost their progression and become the strongest player in the arena.

5) Bloodlines


Bloodlines is an RPG action-adventure Roblox game created by "-Bloodlines-" and allows only one player on the server. This hardcore game has had nearly 7 million gamers play the game. The Roblox experience is a rouge lineage style that is set in the world of the famous anime Naruto.

The game's description reads as:

"Bloodlines is a high stakes, action-adventure game where exploration is a key element of the experience."

The game is a high-stakes one and is not for the faint-hearted as fights with difficult enemies tend to get super intense. Exploration of the vast world is one of the major elements of this title, similar to the concept of Naruto. Users are also required to gain chakra fragments by completing quests or through NPCs in order to unlock certain items.

Players can spawn in any one of the three towns in the game. These towns include Sorythia town, Biyo Bay, and Durana town. Gamers should always look for and rest at Chakra points in the game as they allow one to do a lot of things such as fast traveling to any unlocked location on the map and allowing players to view their skill chart.

Note: The above mentioned Roblox games are not ranked in any order and are subjective to the opinion of the writer.

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