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The most iconic NBA jersey numbers of all time

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The NBA universe has always laid importance on flamboyant plays, creative jerseys and the making of legends. Often, when a player does something truly iconic for a franchise, he’s given the utmost importance; his number is retired. This means that no other player playing for this particular franchise will ever be permitted to wear that particular number. The franchise gives this ultimate honor only to a few by putting up the particular jersey high up on their home court, where it shines for eternity.Few great ones have gone a step ahead and made their numbers globally synonymous with themselves. These players have crossed feats that only a few can, distinguishing themselves from the crowd and earning a place in this countdown to the most iconic jersey numbers of all time:

#5 Wilt Chamberlain

Wilt Chamberlain

Wilt Chamberlain a.k.a. the Big Dipper is one of the few legends of the game that we’ve only ever heard about. Considering he retired before most of us were born, we obviously missed a chance to witness his games. However, this Hall of Famer has earned fame both on and off the court. He is famous for having a 100 point game; which is still an unbroken record. His off-court record for a certain statistic was exponentially higher.

He played for three huge NBA teams during his career and wore the number 13 throughout. His contribution to all three franchises (San Francisco Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers) was so huge that they all retired the number 13 in Chamberlain’s honor. The 13 time All-Star once said that the number 13 wasn’t unlucky for him; it was unlucky for his opponents.

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