30 Years of Chris Jericho: His greatest moments ever

Chris Jericho is the man for all seasons (Pic Source: WWE/NJPW/AEW)
Chris Jericho is the man for all seasons (Pic Source: WWE/NJPW/AEW)
Karan Bedi

Chris Jericho. Y2J. Lionheart. Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla. Le Champion. The Demo God. Jericho has gone by many nicknames to describe himself over the years, but his ability to evolve, stay relevant, and entertain the masses has been his greatest accomplishment.

It's hard to believe the first-ever WWE Undisputed Champion has been around for 30 years as he never seemed ever to wear out his welcome. He's now 49 and soon to turn 50, and he doesn't look he will ever slow down. And his career has been rejuvenated, thanks to his signing with AEW.

AEW Dynamite will celebrate 30 years of Chris Jericho

The October 07 edition of AEW Dynamite will be Chris Jericho's 30th Anniversary Celebration, and Jericho has come a long way since he started training at the Hart Brothers Wrestling camp alongside Lance Storm.

With 30 years in the business, it made a sense to create a list that would mark special moments from Le Champion's career. While the list may not carry every moment of his wrestling career, most fans would probably recognize these moments that encompass WCW, WWE, NJPW, and AEW.

Hopefully, Jericho doesn't read this list and is left stunned by the choice as the ranking is this writer's personal opinion. While it may not correspond with every wrestling fan's opinion (who does these days?), it may satisfy the many instead of the few.

Here are Chris Jericho's 30 great moments from across his career.

#30 Save Us Y2J

Jericho returns for a second time (Pic Source: WWE)
Jericho returns for a second time (Pic Source: WWE)

While the second coming of Chris Jericho in 2007 wasn't necessarily a success, the build-up to his return was remarkable. The marketing involved binary codes and more of an update on his original Y2J gimmick. Moreover, he was there to save the WWE from Randy Orton.

Jericho electrified the crowds in attendance while taking shots at Randy Orton. This was a new Jericho, no longer having long golden locks but a cut look that was a sign of more extraordinary things to come. As mentioned earlier, it was not the feud with Randy Orton that held Jericho in good steed. It was what came after that was remarkable as he debuted his new finisher, the Codebreaker.

In a sense, the two-year absence was worth it as Jericho showcased his ability to evolve as a character, and it would serve him well in the years to come.

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