WWE RAW Results: Big upset in title match; Seth Rollins attacked; Jey Uso has new tag partner; former champ returns

We got an action-packed episode of RAW tonight with a big title match and the return of Rhea Ripley.
We got an action-packed episode of RAW tonight with a big title match and the return of Rhea Ripley.

We got a great show tonight on WWE RAW with the return of Rhea Ripley. Gunther and Tommaso Ciampa put on a great Intercontinental title match in the main event, while Seth Rollins was wiped out by Shinsuke Nakamura.

  • Imperium def. Alpha Academy
  • Bronson Reed def. Cedric Alexander
  • Xavier Woods def. Ivar
  • Tegan Nox def. Chelsea Green
  • Drew McIntyre def. The Miz
  • Gunther def. Tommaso Ciampa to retain the Intercontinental Championship

RAW kicked off with Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler brawling their way to the ring. Raquel Rodriguez and Rhea Ripley showed up to join the fight before security came out to stop the brawl.

Ripley took out a bunch of security guys and hit a riptide on one of them before the four women were finally separated.

We learned that the first match was set to be Nia Jax vs. Shayna Baszler, but it was called off due to the brawl. Ripley had the ring instead and called out the rest of The Judgment Day, leading to Dominik Mysterio and Damian Priest walking out to join her.

The Eradicator said that her two-week absence caused The Judgment Day to fall apart since she was the one who made all the plans. Ripley said that she gave the responsibility to Priest, but he failed the group, with Finn Balor now injured and Dom having lost his title to Trick Williams.

Priest said that he knew that they messed up, but he still had his MITB briefcase and his tag titles, while Dom lost his belt. Rhea got in Dom's face and said that she got him a rematch tomorrow night at NXT, and if he doesn't come back with the title, he shouldn't come back at all.

Jey Uso was out next and welcomed Rhea Ripley back to RAW before calling her a Tribal Chief and saying that she had 'bigger b*lls than Roman.' Priest was about to walk up to Uso, but Dominik stopped him and said that he'd take care of Jey.

Rhea and Priest walked out, and the former Bloodline member hit a superkick on Dom before JD McDonagh came in from behind and took Uso down. Priest joined in, and Jey was taking a beating before Cody Rhodes came in and helped clear the ring before hitting Cross Rhodes on Dominik.

Adam Pearce came out and said that since The Judgment Day can't help but fight with Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes, he booked The American Nightmare and Jey in a tag team title match against Balor and Priest at Fastlane 2023.

WWE RAW Results (October 2, 2023): Alpha Academy vs. Imperium

Ludwig Kaiser and Chad Gable were in the ring, and Imperium was in control early on as they isolated Gable in the corner. Gable knocked Kaiser off the apron and hit a big suplex on Giovanni Vinci before Imperium retreated to ringside, and Chad hit them with a big dive over the ropes.

Back after a break on RAW, Vinci got a big clothesline before Kaiser got a headlock in. Otis was tagged in and took down both opponents before getting a hip toss, a tackle on Kaiser, and a big slam on Vinci.

Otis got the elbow drop on Kaiser before Giovanni Vinci ran interference but got taken down by Gable at ringside. Kaiser got a big kick on Otis off the distraction and picked up the win.

Result: Imperium def. Alpha Academy

Grade: B

Tegan Nox was backstage, and Adam Pearce told her that Becky Lynch was injured. Nox got into an argument with Chelsea Green before deciding to face the latter tonight instead.

Bronson Reed vs. Cedric Alexander on RAW

Cedric Alexander sent Bronson Reed outside with a dropkick and hit some big dives before taking an elbow and some lariats. Reed was hit with a cartwheel kick before he got the takedown in the corner and hit the Tsunami for the easy win.

Result: Bronson Reed def. Cedric Alexander

Grade: C

Gunther and Tommaso Ciampa were out next for the Fastlane Intercontinental Championship match contract signing. Ciampa signed first before getting on the mic and saying that Gunther was given opportunity after opportunity while guys like him had to make the most of anything he could get.

Gunther fired back and made fun of Ciampa's outfit before saying that he found him noble, but he was the greatest IC Champion of all time. Ciampa said that he was going to prove him wrong before telling him to sign the contract.

Ciampa wanted to make the match happen tonight, and Gunther accepted it before signing the contract. The Ring General attacked Ciampa, and the two started a fight before Gunther escaped the Sicilian Stretch and walked off backstage.

JD McDonagh had a plan to beat Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes, but Damian Priest was not willing to hear him out. Ripley stepped in and had Priest cooperate before he agreed that JD was right.

Xavier Woods vs. Ivar on RAW

Xavier Woods got a dropkick early on before Ivar took him down and hit a big powerslam. Xavier tried to pick Ivar up but failed before hitting a big dive.

Woods finally managed to lift Ivar before he was hit with a moonsault. Woods tried to counter into a powerbomb before managing to roll Ivar up for the win.

Result: Xavier Woods def. Ivar

After the match, Ivar attacked Xavier Woods, and Kofi Kingston came to help him but got wiped out as well.

Grade: C

Seth Rollins was out next for an interview with Michael Cole. He was asked about the upcoming match with Shinsuke Nakamura and said that he wanted to be an honorable man and a good example for his daughter.

Nakamura showed up on the Titantron and said that Rollins wanted the whole world to feel sorry for him. He then attacked The Visionary from behind and hit him with a Kinshasa before the video of him counted to ten.

Rollins beat the count and got up before Nakamura attacked him with a steel chair. Rollins was down again, and the video of Nakamura started counting once more before the champ got up again.

Shinsuke then sent Seth spine-first into the steel chair before hitting the Kinshasa again and counting to ten.

Tegan Nox vs. Chelsea Green on RAW

Tegan Nox was sent outside early on and Piper Niven got in her way, trying to cause a distraction. Natalya came out to defend Nox before the latter headed back inside and hit a moonsault and the shiniest Wizard for the easy win.

Result: Tegan Nox def. Chelsea Green

Grade: C

Jey Uso was backstage and said that he was ready to face The Judgment Day with Cody Rhodes.

Drew McIntyre was out next and said that everyone expects him to do the right thing, but no one steps up themselves. He was interrupted by The Miz, who was very mad that Miz TV was canceled.

Drew told him to shut up before The A-Lister explained that he was trying to stick up for McIntyre. Drew got the crowd to chant 'Shut up Miz' again before challenging Miz to a match.

Miz said that he was the bigger man and walked away before coming back and attacking The Scottish Warrior from the back. Drew came back and beat Miz down before officials rushed in to break it up.

Drew McIntyre vs. The Miz on RAW

The match was on when we returned from commercials, and Miz fled the ring early on before Drew caught up to him and sent him into the barricades. Miz was still in his suit and took a headbutt and the claymore.

McIntyre got his sword, but the referee argued with him and took it away. While the ref was busy, Drew undid one of the turnbuckles and sent Miz head-first into it. Drew then followed up with the Futureshock DDT and picked up the win.

Result: Drew McIntyre def. The Miz

Grade: B

The new NXT North American Champion, Trick Williams, was on RAW and said that he was going to beat Dom tomorrow before The Judgment Day showed up to show their disapproval.

Cody Rhodes was in an interview and said that he would be on SmackDown this week.

Gunther (c) vs. Tommaso Ciampa - Intercontinental Championship match on RAW

Tommaso Ciampa took Gunther into the corner before trying for a submission hold. The latter was caught in the Sicilian Stretch, but Gunther got out of it. The Ring General got a headlock of his own before hitting him with some knee strikes.

Gunther got a big boot before Ciampa came back with the Sicilian Stretch again. Gunther broke out of it before trading chops and then sending Ciampa outside. The Champion tried for a chop on the announce desk, but Ciampa dodged it before focusing on the injured arm.

Ciampa got the Willow's Bell for a near fall before Gunther got a big dropkick. Ciampa got the inverted DDT and the knee strike for another near fall before The Ring General came back with a big suplex.

They traded holds on the mat before Ciampa tried to lift Gunther, but the champ reversed and got two powerbomb. Gunther had a sleeper hold in and picked up the win via knockout.

Result: Gunther def. Tommaso Ciampa to retain the Intercontinental Championship

Imperium attacked Ciampa after the match on RAW as Gunther walked away.

Grade: B

Johnny Gargano returned before taking down Imperium with spears and superkicks as RAW went off the air.