2021 NBA Playoffs: 5 role players who impressed the most during the postseason

Los Angeles Lakers v Phoenix Suns - Game Two
Los Angeles Lakers v Phoenix Suns - Game Two
Adit Pujari

The 2021 NBA Playoffs were filled with some of the most thrilling basketball games since the league was forced to shut down due to the pandemic. As star-studded NBA teams clashed in postseason matches, the supporting cast brought their A-game to the table too.

These high-energy games were full of heart-stopping plays but also witnessed many gut-wrenching injuries. Several teams played with their star players either sitting out due to an injury or not playing at their full potential.

5 role players that stepped up during the 2021 NBA Playoffs

While many key players faced injuries in the NBA Playoffs, role players rose to the occasion and proved their might on the court. They made the most of the extra minutes afforded to them and rose to the occasion when their teams were desperate for help.

On that note, we look at the five role players that impressed the most during the 2021 NBA Playoffs with their performances. These players weren't touted as the saviors of their franchises or as wonder draft picks, these were the products of humble beginnings and hard work.

#5 Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
Reggie Jackson

Despite the LA Clippers losing to the Phoenix Suns, no one can deny the greatness that Reggie Jackson showcased during the 2021 NBA Playoffs. In Game 5 of the series against the Suns, Jackson scored a whopping 23 points, including four three-pointers.

The 31-year-old point guard played with a flare uncommon amongst role-playing athletes. He averaged 17.8 points throughout the series, becoming a constant worry for his opponents.

Over the years, Reggie Jackson has built up a fearsome arsenal of plays. He can shoot a step-back three, whiz past guards with his fancy handles, or dunk over bigger players. The 2021 NBA Playoffs were a showcase ground for Jackson, who provided much-needed support to key players Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

#4 Seth Curry

Seth Curry #31 celebrates a bucket
Seth Curry #31 celebrates a bucket

Even though Seth Curry is technically a role player, he is amongst the best shooters in the NBA right now. Being the brother of a superstar and perhaps the greatest shooter of all time - Steph Curry - must not be easy on this 30-year-old guard. Still, the constant pressure of being compared to his brother has not defeated Seth's will.

In a show of his own skill, Seth Curry put up an awe-inspiring performance during the 2021 NBA Playoffs. In a season where Ben Simmons was constantly struggling to find his groove, Curry rose to the occasion and scored like a hound unleashed upon prey. He averaged 18.8 points through the 12 games he played in the postseason and shot 50.6% from beyond the arc.

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