NBA 2K22 Personal Brand quests: How to earn the spirit icon, 10000 MVP points and 1500 VC for free?

NBA 2K22 has a range of real life brands in-game. (Image via NBA 2K22)
NBA 2K22 has a range of real life brands in-game. (Image via NBA 2K22)
Rishabh Bhatnagar

NBA 2K22 has resulted in a huge transformation with respect to previous editions of the game. The MyCareer and the MyTeam mode, in particular, has received a range of new features, rewards and gameplay changes in recent weeks with a range of featured packs also being added.

The Limited-Edition packs also include players with glitched stats in accordance to recent NBA performances.

Towards the end of September, the release of season 2 and the Halloween update saw a range of new quests and challenges being added, including various new Personal Brand quests.

One of these quests allow players to earn the free spirit icon along with multiple other rewards including 10,000 MP and 1500 VC. The free spirit quest also included 90 Fashion points that help players progress with respect to their in-game personal brand.

In this article, we look at everything you need to know about NBA 2K22’s free spirit icon quest.

NBA 2K22 Personal Brand quests: How to complete the free spirit icon quest?

Most Personal Brand quests in NBA 2K22 are pretty straightforward. However, a lack of detailed instructions has resulted in quite a few gamers expressing confusion with respect to the free spirit icon quest. The rewards in question include 10,000 MP, 1500 VC and +90 in Fashion which makes the quest overall worth most gamers’ time.

Everything is tracked on and off the court to build Personal Brand points towards a variety of characteristics like Free Spirit, Flashy, Corporate, Fundamental, and more in #NBA2K22

The Free Spirit Icon requires players to buy specific pieces of clothing from their affiliations store. There are a total of 4 affiliations in NBA 2K22 that can be selected.

Each affiliation has specific stores that can be viewed on the map easily. Once you enter the affiliation store, players simply need to buy the items that have a microphone sign next to them.

The Free Spirit Icon quest is very similar to the “Meet the Designers” quest that was a part of NBA 2K22’s season 1. These are the steps that need to be followed to finish the quest:

  • Enter the Affiliation store and look for items that have a microphone next to them.
  • Buying a few of such items should result in the quest getting completed. A notification will appear on the top-right of your NBA 2K22 screen.
  • Once three items have been bought, you should receive the rewards in your inbox.
A free, featured Dennis Rodman card is currently available on NBA 2K22
A free, featured Dennis Rodman card is currently available on NBA 2K22

Apart from the +90 in Fashion, players will also receive 10,000 MP and 1500 VC. Hence, the free spirit quest is straightforward and includes multiple worthwhile rewards.

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