NBA All-Star 2020: Video evidence suggests involvement of Dwyane Wade in Slam Dunk Contest result controversy

Was Aaron Gordon robbed of the Dunk Contest Trophy.
Was Aaron Gordon robbed of the Dunk Contest Trophy.

Aaron Gordon lost the NBA Slam Dunk contest trophy this year to Derrick Jones Jr., who surpassed him 48-47 in the final round. Gordon dominated the contest with an emphatic display of dunking- which included five straight 50s and a dunk over the 7'5", Tacko Fall. However, this was not enough according to the panel of judges- which also included Miami Heat legend, Dwyane Wade.

A similar incident happened back in 2016 when he was up against Zach LaVine in the Dunk contest. Gordon pulled off a phenomenal dunking display that night but still felt short of the trophy.

A lot of NBA fans and experts believe that Aaron Gordon might have been robbed of the award on both of the occasions. Gordon, on the other hand, might have many to blame, but there is one person in particular whom he should go after; Dwyane Wade.

According to an investigation by Rob Perez, Dwyane Wade might be the person who broke the judges' pact and handed over the trophy to the Miami Heat rookie Derrick Jones Jr.

Check out the video of the whole investigation:

In an interview with Complex Sports, Dwyane Wade denied the allegations and said that he was not alone to give a nine to Gordon. He further called Gordon one of the best young NBA players, who is not going to be affected by something like this.

All in all, the evidence by Perez seems like a sufficient backup to the allegations, and Gordon might be termed as a second-time unlucky.

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