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NBA Draft 2016: Grading every first round pick

Here's a look at how the NBA teams fared in the 2016 NBA Draft.

The Future

The NBA Draft brings with it hope, dismay, and questionable draft suit choices. For Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram it probably brought about fervent praying to avoid sending their souls to the eternal purgatory of the 76ers as opposed to the bright lights of Tinseltown reflected in Jack Nicholson's toothy Cheshire cat smile. 

Now that the chips have fallen into place, here's a look at how the teams fared.

Picks #1, #24, #26

Philadelphia 76ers

Grade: A+

#1 Ben Simmons, SF
6’10”, 240 lbs

The 76ers are the gold standard of tanking in the NBA, a perfect example of taking an axiom to its extreme conclusion, going a bit further, and falling off a cliff while yelling out "We believe in the process."

Their dogged determination had yielded to them the first and twenty-fourth pick in the NBA Draft. In Ben Simmons, they have a cornerstone to rest the hopes of the next decade upon.

Simmons is one of those players who can act as an energizer drink for an entire team, and his selection ought to bring an end to the tanking process if it hadn't already culminated with the hiring of Bryan Colangelo.

#24 Timothe Luwawu, SG
 6’7”, 205 lbs

Luwawu brings an explosive package from France with a tenacious game on both ends of the floor, although he needs to be more disciplined on defense. He could have very easily been picked right after the lottery picks. His 6"11 wingspans will serve him well and his range extending to downtown (37% in the Adriatic League last season) makes him a smart pick.

#26 Furkan Korkmaz, SG
6’5”, 175

The 76ers capped off their first round troika of picks with another international talent. The Turkish guard is just 18 years old and is seen as a long-term investment rather than one who can make an immediate impact. He'll likely spend a couple of years abroad before answering the call of the Sixers.

Korkmaz has the range and athleticism to be an effective contributor, but it's too early to anticipate the extent to which he can polish his skills, bulk up, and contribute in the NBA. 

On the whole, the Sixers should give themselves a pat on the back for a good haul at the draft.

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