NBA Trade Options: How Houston Rockets and Orlando Magic can improve via an Aaron Gordon deal

Aaron Gordon
Aaron Gordon

There are several players in the NBA who need a change in scenery and Aaron Gordon is among them. Gordon's performances peaked during the 2017-18 season where he averaged 17.6 points and 7.9 rebounds per game but his numbers have declined since then. The Orlando Magic would be better off considering NBA trade options for Gordon and Houston Rockets could play a part.

NBA Trade Options: Aaron Gordon deal that would make both Houston Rockets and Orlando Magic

Recently, The Athletic's John Hollinger discussed hypothetical trades that would make sense for the Houston Rockets and Aaron Gordon was mentioned. Here's what Hollinger proposed:

"Eric Gordon, House, and Houston 2021 or 2022 first-round pick for Aaron Gordon would be a nice deal if the Magic are willing to take a step back this season, which they very well might be now that Jonathan Isaac is out for the season."

There's a lot to unpack here so let's see why the trade works for both teams.

What's in it for Orlando Magic?

The Orlando Magic will find it difficult to reach the playoffs this season. Jonathan Isaac's season-long recovery leaves them shorthanded. In the meantime, the Atlanta Hawks and Washington Wizards will improve.

Eric Gordon
Eric Gordon

Now Eric Gordon's four-year $75 million deal isn't too ideal but the Orlando Magic can try to flip it for future assets down the line. Danuel House is a useful 3-and-D wing whom they could develop further. They would also get a draft pick to inject fresh blood into the team.

What's in it for Houston Rockets?

For starters, the Houston Rockets get rid of Eric Gordon's salary. Secondly, Danuel House may already be an unwanted figure following the breach of protocols in Orlando that saw him booted out of the NBA bubble.

In Aaron Gordon, the Houston Rockets would get a player who's still only 25 and can grow with the change in scenery. Gordon ticks most boxes for H-Town too. He has the length and agility to switch on defense while he only recently showcased good passing ability. He's not the most efficient scorer from downtown but that can be improved upon with time.

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