"Ain’t nothing wrong with his arm, so that boy’s gonna shoot" - JaVale McGee believes the Golden State Warriors will get back the old Klay Thompson next season

Klay Thompson and JaVale McGee of the Golden State Warriors in the 2018 NBA Finals.
Klay Thompson and JaVale McGee of the Golden State Warriors in the 2018 NBA Finals.
Kunal Sethi

Klay Thompson's return is finally on the horizon and Golden State Warriors fans are beaming with excitement. Former Warriors center and two-time champion with the Dubs, JaVale McGee gave his two cents on Thompson's return, which brought a smile to the faces of NBA fans around the world.

We are less than a month away from the 2021-22 NBA season and the hype around basketball has picked up again. Seeing how the majority of All-Stars were injured during last year's playoffs, fans are craving to see their favorite players healthy. However, Thompson's situation is not ideal. He will be returning after consecutive season-ending injuries and many aren't optimistic about his comeback.

JaVale McGee and his mother, Pamela McGee, appeared on the Club Shay Shay podcast with NFL Hall of Famer and TV personality Shannon Sharpe. Sharpe asked JaVale McGee about his former teammate:

"I just saw you vacation with Klay. What are your expectations? He has missed two years. Had the ACL, tried to come back, was looking great last offseason [but] tears the Achilles. Two years away, two serious injuries for a basketball player. What are you expecting from Klay this year?"

JaVale McGee responded by saying:

"I expect the old Klay [Thompson] to tell the truth... The only thing I see will maybe be slacking in that first month of the season is defense, just because you know how aggressive Klay is and how good he is on defense. I don’t think you’re gonna get those reps in the offseason or practice on the defensive end for being able to really lock guys up. So I think that first month he’s gonna struggle a little bit on defense, but offensively he didn’t hurt his arm... Ain’t nothing wrong with his arm, so that boy’s gonna shoot."
JaVale McGee believes the Warriors will be getting the "old" Klay when the Splash Brother makes his return this

Klay Thompson eyes Christmas return for the 2021-22 NBA season

Klay Thompson supporting the Golden State Warriors from the bench
Klay Thompson supporting the Golden State Warriors from the bench

Klay Thompson is projected to return around Christmas or Thanksgiving for the 2021-22 NBA season. He is coming off an ACL tear on his left leg and an Achilles tear on his right leg. It is understandable why fans are concerned whether they will ever see the old Klay Thompson back. Derrick Rose's ACL tear practically ended his All-Star career and an Achilles tear is arguably the worst injury in sports.

A Christmas present for Dub Nation?The Warriors reportedly are targeting Dec. 25 for Klay's return

However, many analysts are convinced Thompson will return to his All-Star self soon enough. You can read what an acclaimed orthopedic doctor said about his status here.

Klay Thompson's game is not predicated on his athleticism but rather his sniper-like shooting. Like JaVale McGee said, he hasn't injured his hands, so his offensive game is expected to remain the same.

Klay Thompson has been seen working out and practicing shooting drills. He made 13 straight threes in one of his videos and his return will make the Golden State Warriors a serious threat in the West. They have the fourth-highest pre-season odds of winning the 2022 NBA championship behind the Brooklyn Nets, LA Lakers and the Milwaukee Bucks.

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