“ALL YALL DO IS CHEAT”: Shaquille O'Neal & Jamal Crawford get hilariously called out by fellow ‘NBA on TNT’ panelist Candace Parker

Candace Parker calls out Shaquille O
Candace Parker calls out Shaquille O'Neal & Jamal Crawford

Shaquille O'Neal and fellow NBA veteran Jamal Crawford found themselves called out by their NBA on TNT coworker, WNBA legend Candace Parker, this week. On Thursday, the trio, alongside Adam Lefkoe, handled broadcasting duties for Thursday's slate of NBA action. The alternate NBA on TNT crew have come to build a rapport of their own, with plenty of entertainment and inside jokes.

While on-set for the evening's games, the panel took part in what appears to be a trivia contest, which Shaquille O'Neal seemingly won. As he celebrated the win, WNBA legend Candace Parker, who was playing alongside him, alleged that the Hall of Famer was cheating.

Without missing a beat, she grabbed the chalkboard off Shaquille O'Neal's podium, breaking it over her knee before then tossing a piece at Jamal Crawford. The hilarious moment was caught on camera, as the NBA community cracked jokes about both O'Neal's dance and Parker's frustration.

Of course, the accusations of Shaquille O'Neal and Jamal Crawford cheating in the contest became a big talking point, as Parker exclaimed on the NBA on TNT broadcast:

"Get out of here! Y'all cheating! Every year y'all cheat, I'm done playing games with y'all!"

On Instagram, she reposted Adam Lefkoe's footage of the situation, while writing:

"I Just want a fair shot. Adam Lefkoe, Shaq, Jamal Crawford, ALL YALL DO IS CHEAT"

Shaquille O'Neal and Candace Parker's friendship and funny moments

Although O'Neal often joins Ernie Johnson, Kenny 'The Jet' Smith and Charles Barkley on Inside the NBA, he also appears on the alternate NBA on TNT crew. Together, he, Candace Parker, Jamal Crawford and Adam Lefkoe handle the other slate of NBA on TNT action.

During that time, the group have built up a friendship of their own. Much like O'Neal does with Charles Barkley and the Inside the NBA crew, the Hall of Famer frequently jokes around with Candace Parker.

The pair have become one of NBA fans' favorite duos, both arguing and joking like old friends. After a massive win over the Seattle Storm in June, Parker ran and jumped into O'Neal's arms in celebration when she noticed the Hall of Famer courtside.

Despite that, the pair had a bit of a 'beef' of their own last season. When O'Neal lost a bet to Parker that forced him to shave his head, besides his baby hair, he showed he was a man of his word. However, in typical Shaquille O'Neal fashion, he turned the tables and delivered a hilarious moment.

With Shaquille O'Neal allegedly cheating in the NBA on TNT competition, it sounds like their friendship is following a trajectory similar to his and Charles Barkley's. Although the two are good friends, their on-camera relationship continues to deliver hilarious moments that sees them banter back and forth.

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