Andre Iguodala career earnings: Taking closer look at 4x NBA champ's $100 million plus fortune

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Andre Iguodala concluded his NBA career and has earned a total of $189 million in salaries

Andre Iguodala had a very long NBA career spending 19 seasons with four different teams and four championship rings. As the former NBA All-Star concluded his basketball playing years, he was able to accumulate wealth exceeding $100 million.

The basketball journey of Iguodala began with the Philadelphia 76ers where he was drafted ninth overall. He played eight seasons and his best statistical year was the 2007-08 season where he averaged 19.9 points, 5.4 rebounds, 4.8 assists and 2.1 steals per game.

In those eight years as a Sixer, Iguodala pocketed a total of $55.7 million. Playing only one year with the Denver Nuggets, he then found his new NBA home with the Golden State Warriors where he spent the next the next six seasons.

In six seasons with the Warriors and one year with the Nuggets, Iguodala was able to add around $100 million more to his wealth.

Two more seasons with the Miami Heat helped him earn $19.7 million. Meanwhile, a return to the Golden State Warriors for the last two seasons in his basketball career added just $10.3 million.

The total estimated salary that Andre Iguodala has accumulated in his basketball career is $185.2 million.


The business ventures of Andre Iguodala

By earning as much as $185.2 million by just playing in the NBA, Andre Iguodala took the money and became a business investor. In his portfolio, he has a passion for technology as he co-founded the Players Technology Summit alongside Steph Curry. The event allowed athletes and entrepreneurs to come together and talk about investments.

Rudy Cline-Thomas is Iguodala's business partner and he has helped him invest in major companies like Facebook, Twitter, Tesla and 25 other tech startups. He has also been serving as a Venture Partner in the Catalysts Fund, supporting underrepresented founders in tech companies.

With the way Iguodala handled his finances, he served as a major example of how NBA players and sports athletes should invest their money.

Check out the below video where Andre Iguodala is being interviewed on CNBC on how he invested his money:


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