"Chris Paul is an a**hole; Some people think I'm a sarcastic a**hole" - JJ Redick believes Joe Ingles would have been a perfect fit on the 'Lob City' era LA Clippers team

Los Angeles Clippers v Denver Nuggets
Los Angeles Clippers v Denver Nuggets
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The LA Clippers' "Lob City" era was arguably one of the greatest team revivals in NBA history. In a recent podcast, further outlines the team's improvement. Prior to the 2011-12 season, the team had only 6 winning seasons in 42 years. Then came the trade for All-Star point guard Chris Paul. Adding him to young bigs Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, mixed with veteran JJ Redick, the 'Lob City' era was born. With its birth came highlight reel passes, dunks, wins and a whole lot of attitude. But downfall soon came from that attitude as rifts opened amongst teammates and arguments started in the locker room. On a recent podcast, JJ Redick explained to Joe Ingles why he thinks Ingles would have been a good fit for the team had he never been traded.

JJ Redick gave the following opinion about Joe Ingles in 'Lob City':

“Blake’s a sarcastic a@#hole, Chris Paul is an a#$hole, I just feel like we missed out on one of the greatest social experiments in NBA basketball history”.

JJ Redick Explains Missing Ingles in the Locker Room

After spending the preseason with the Clippers, Joe Ingles was acquired by the Utah Jazz on 27 October 2014 to make his NBA debut two days later. This would lead to years passing by in the league with Ingles and JJ Redick battling and trash-talking back and forth. On his most recent podcast, JJ Redick outlines his reasoning for missing him after the trade. Ingles was young, tough, and excited. He's the kind of player who'd be the glue in heated locker room arguments. Being new to the league, he would be a diversion from the Clippers' star attention. Instead of fighting amongst one another, they would have been teaching a young star how to fit in the league. Joe Ingles had an attitude himself but understood the importance of not letting it land amongst your teammates. Having a young, driven player who is not afraid to let you know how he feels was exactly what could have benefited that Clippers team and their qualms.

“In order to be excited for someone else’s success you have to be willing to sacrifice something.” - JJ Redick

JJ Redick felt that the team was too passive aggressive with their anger and that Joe Ingles would have made a difference behind the scenes. Ingles is no rookie to trash talking or attitudes, and is known to tell people how he feels with no hesitation. Just ask Paul George. A mentality like that could have been exactly what the “Lob City” heroes needed to heal the split between them. Having him stay under LA coach Doc Rivers right from the start could have also given us a young player making the sacrifices he needs for a team that did not know how to. Being fresh in the league makes it easier on Doc to impress upon Ingles what kind of player he needs him to be. A player like Ingles creates more space on the court and sets up many different play options for availability. Having him as a weapon on the court could have taken the load off of Paul and Griffin, giving them a little more space to breathe.

So @jj_redick thinks he was the nicest player in the league...@talter and @Joeingles7 discuss 🤣

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