Comedian Andrew Schulz has an absurd theory about how Michael Jordan weakened Scottie Pippen to protect his legacy

American stand-up comedian Andrew Schulz
American stand-up comedian Andrew Schulz

Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan is known for his ultra-competitive spirit, which at times hindered both his on-court and off-court relationships. However, according to comedian Andrew Schulz, Jordan may have intentionally sabotaged his co-star Scottie Pippen to ensure that he remains the top dog in the NBA. Schulz said that Jordan may have done so by setting Pippen up with his ex-wife, Larsa Pippen, to create a distraction for Scottie.

During a recent episode of the “Brilliant Idiots” podcast with Charlamagne tha God, Schulz explained his bizarre theory about Jordan and Pippen:

“Who is the greatest competitor of all time?” Schulz asked.
“Michael Jordan,” Charlamagne responded.
“And if he saw an upcoming threat, I don’t know, maybe an unbelievable defense, ball-handling ability, passing, physical specimen that has not been seen in the NBA before, that could potentially threaten his reign."
“To weaken him, to destroy his knees, to destroy his back, and potentially to destroy the greatness that he could achieve in his career. Is this Michael Jordan’s diabolical plan to make sure he’s No. 1?”
“That means that he’s been planning this for at least 30 to 40 years because he’s like, ‘If you do this for me, I promise you my firstborn son,’” Charlamagne responded.

Larsa Pippen said she and Scottie Pippen had sex four times a night for 23 years

Larsa and Scottie Pippen
Larsa and Scottie Pippen

Andrew Schulz’s Michael Jordan-Scottie Pippen theory stems from Larsa Pippen’s surprising interview from earlier this year. This came during a reunion episode of “The Real Housewives of Miami.” It was then that the reality TV star said that she and Scottie had sex four times a night throughout their marriage:

"I was married for 23 years. I've always had sex like four times a night," Larsa said.
"So three times a week is nothing ... I had sex four times a night, every night. I never had a day off for 23 years."

Larsa added that she and Scottie “never spent time away from each other.”

“We had a private plane, I traveled with my kids,” Larsa said.

Larsa and Scottie Pippen were married from 1997 to 2021. Since their divorce in 2021, Larsa has started dating Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus Jordan.

"Marcus has big shoes to fill," reunion host Andy Cohen told Larsa.
"He wears a size 15 shoe, so I think he's OK,” Larsa replied.

Most would agree that Andrew Schulz’s Jordan-Pippen theory shouldn't be taken seriously. However, as Charlamagne tha God pointed out, Larsa Pippen dating Marcus Jordan adds an extra layer of humor to the theory.

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