“Don't jinx it Magic" - NBA fans react to Magic Johnson's prediction for Lakers vs Nuggets pivotal Game 5

 NBA fans reacted to Magic Johnson
NBA fans reacted to Magic Johnson's prediction of Lakers vs Nuggets pivotal Game 5

LA Lakers legend Magic Johnson believes that the team will win Game 5 against the Denver Nuggets after claiming Game 4 on the back of trailing 0-3 in the series.

Johnson took to X to express his confidence in his former team.

"Laker Nation - I'm feeling good about the Lakers today! They have great momentum going into tonight’s game, and I think they're going to win tonight!"

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Johnson's tweet received mixed reactions from Purple and Gold fans.

Some blamed Magic Johnson for jinxing the team's chances by tweeting before the game.

Reacting to the post, Numbahwon asked Laker fans to anti-jinx Magic's jinx. He wrote:

"I don’t know if magic Johnson has ever tweeted before a lakers game… and he chooses NOW!!?… Lakers fans please… work on an anti- jinx."

Stephen A. Smith wrote:

"You know what this means fellas. Denver in 5."

Given how the Lakers have been outplayed by the Nuggets in the first three games, some fans wrote that the series would be over in Game 5.

Reacting to the post, Casey Dalton wrote:

“Magic Johnson and Kareem are not walking back through those doors! This series is over!”

Gage wrote:

"lmao come on magic they going fishing today."

Haru27nah predicted the Nuggets in five with great contributions from Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray. He wrote:

"its over for them... joker, murray and KPJ will come out big... nuggets in 5."

However, amidst all the pessimism circulating about LA's chance to win this game, there were also fans who believed that the Purple and Gold could actually win Game 5. Some also believed that if LA won Game 5, they might win the series.

'Drone on a cruise' wrote:

"It’s definitely a w. Bron and AD 30 ball."

Can the Lakers win Game 5 against Nuggets?

The Nuggets will host the LA Lakers for Game 5 in Ball Area, hoping to close the series tonight.

In all four series games so far, LA led the Nuggets every game at half-time. They lost Game 2 while leading the Nuggets by over 20 points. They also led in Game 3 but gave up the lead as soon as the second half arrived.

Of the 192 minutes played in the series between both teams, LeBron James’ team had a lead in 136 minutes. Moreover, if the rest of the players apart from the two superstars manage to put at least 15 points on the board, they have a legitimate chance to take Game 5. It has been the supporting cast beside Nikola Jokic that has been the biggest factor for the Nuggets in this series.

However, road games in Denver are always a problem. The arena is at a high altitude and any team not accustomed to playing in Ball Arena will have a hard time adjusting to Denver's conditions.

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