"I'm not gonna shoot like Steph"- Patrick Mahomes laughs off Steph Curry critiquing his high school shooting form

Patrick Mahomes jokes about Steph Curry nagging his shooting form (Images from Instagram)
Patrick Mahomes jokes about Steph Curry critiquing his shooting form (Images from Instagram)

Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes got some advice from none other than Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry on his shooting form.

While enjoying his offseason, the all-time leader in three-pointers took a look at a throwback video of Mahomes playing basketball in high school. The star analyzed Mahomes and gave his thoughts on the quarterback's unorthodox jump shot.

"He shoots with his whole body, I was gonna give him some compliments on how fluid he was with his feetwork," Curry said as he was surprised to find out it was Mahomes. "...pretty well-rounded, even though the jumper needs some work."

The quarterback hilariously defended his jumper by saying that it worked out well for him.

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"It goes in, it don't always have to be pretty. I mean, I'm not gonna shoot like Steph," Mahomes said.

He then gave credit to playing basketball as it played a significant role in his journey to becoming a star quarterback.

"People see the arm angles but they don't see how I can see the whole entire field and passing to the guy where they can get the ball. I think that's point guard growing up," Mahomes said.

Mahomes also shared that if he hadn't stopped growing, he would've pursued basketball over football. The Chiefs star is listed at 6-foot-2, which is the same height as Curry and most point guards. The quarterback plays big for his size and his high school basketball coach has gone on the record in saying that he could play any position.

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Patrick Mahomes believes he'd play like Steph Curry if he played basketball

Mahomes is a great talent in the NFL but is nowhere near the greatness of Steph Curry when it comes to basketball. However, that doesn't stop the Kansas City star from giving himself the confidence that he could be as good as the Warriors star, that is, if he had stuck to playing basketball.

During the Super Bowl Opening Night, Mahomes shared this take with a smirk and didn't slow down in comparing himself to the four-time champion. Watch the video below to see the Chiefs star compare himself to Curry.

"If I played basketball I'd be just like Stephen Curry. I got the shot. I've got to get a couple extra reps, a couple shots up, and I'd be shooting just like him," Mahomes said.

There hasn't been a player that's comparable to Curry's skills and talents but when it comes to confidence, Mahomes is at the top.

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