"I was p***ed at him, and he knew it too, 'cause he hurt me": Kyrie Irving sheds light on Dillon Brooks' jersey snub

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Kyrie Irving reflects on Dillon Brooks snub

Kyrie Irving went viral when a post-game jersey swap with Dillon Brooks went wrong in March. Irving and Brooks had just battled it out on the court, and Irving was eager to get back to the locker room after being injured.

After Kyrie Irving handed Brooks his jersey, Brooks was about to take his own jersey off for a swap with the former champ. Instead, Irving walked away and didn't take Brooks' jersey, creating a viral moment that has since lived on in infamy.

During a recent Twitch stream, while he was watching FIBA World Cup basketball, Irving spoke about the situation, reflecting on the injury and his emotions.

"Dillon Brooks, man. Me and him had a whole viral moment this year where after the game, I was p***ed that I got hurt again during the game. I was p***ed. Not necessarily just p***ed, I was p***ed at him, and he knew it too, 'cause he hurt me.
"He didn’t do it on purpose, or I don’t know if he did it on purpose, but he hurt me again in that game. I had like 28 going into the fourth quarter at Memphis. We were supposed to win that game, we needed that game to go into the playoffs and here he is just doing Dillon Brooks things."
Dallas Mavericks v Memphis Grizzlies
Dallas Mavericks v Memphis Grizzlies

How Kyrie Irving and Dillon Brooks put the situation behind them

As Kyrie Irving went on to explain, he meant no disrespect to Dillon Brooks when he snubbed him during the jersey swap. Although he was heated in the moment, he said on the stream that he reached out to Brooks to make things right.

During the Twitch stream, he explained how after the game, he texted Brooks and told him to ship him his jersey when he gets the chance:

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Brooklyn Nets v Philadelphia 76ers
"I didn’t take his jersey after the game because I was just so focused on getting to the locker and just getting my rehab done and my recovery.
"Some people thought I played the s*** outta him. I wasn't trying to play the s*** outta him. I texted him after the game like, 'Bro, it's just heat of the moment. Send me your jersey when you get a chance.'"

While Brooks hasn't opened up on the viral moment, the two will have plenty of opportunities to match up with one another this season. With Brooks joining the Houston Rockets, and Kyrie Irving re-signing with the Dallas Mavericks, the two will battle it out in the Western Conference.

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