"He don’t want to play second fiddle… I guarantee you he ain't no fool" - Former ROTY's father believes Zach LaVine will leave the Bulls and join the LA Lakers

Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls: Zach LaVine drives the ball
Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls: Zach LaVine drives the ball
Justin Thomas Hamill

LaVar Ball expects Zach LaVine to be done with the Chicago Bulls as the father of the former Rookie of the Year argued that LaVine will land in Los Angeles next.

LaVar Ball believes Zach LaVine will join Lakers

LaVar Ball, the father of Charlotte Hornets All-Star LaMelo Ball, said:

“If he got a chance to go there, I guarantee you he ain’t no fool.”
LaVar Ball says Zach LaVine is done with the Bulls and expects he’ll land with the Lakers, via @thekapman.👀

Zach LaVine has been with the Bulls since 2017 and has given the squad a rise in strength while bringing flashiness on the court. Having won two dunk contests, LaVine brought flair back into Chicago.

Unfortunately for him, however, that greatness has not translated to postseason success as the squad has failed to make a Finals run. In fact, it wasn't until this season that LaVine made his first playoff appearance in Chicago.

The LA Lakers are a franchise known for its flashy and aggressive slam-dunk type of basketball. On top of that, the Lakers, with 17 championships, have long been associated with winning. If LaVine takes his offensive contributions and hard slams to Los Angeles, it would be an instant fit for the city.

Though Michael Jordan landed the Air Jordan era in Chicago with his two Dunk Contest victories, Los Angeles had its share of greats that revived its showmanship.

LaVar Ball is the father of the current Bulls point guard, Lonzo Ball, so if the man is voicing an opinion with this much weight, it might have bearing. While there still stands to be no solid truth on the matter, the mere speculation of it coming from an insider may raise alarms for Chicago fans.

The father of a former ROTY is well aware of his words hitting headlines and creating rumors, so there may be logic in what he is saying. After all, the Lakers are always expected to be contenders. They have the most championships in league history, tied with the Celtics, and era upon era birth absolute greats that headline the league.

Although Chicago is not short of talent, with players like Ball, Alex Caruso and DeMar DeRozan alongside LaVine, postseason victories have yet to come.

The impatience could be growing within LaVine, and if that is true, there is no telling what may happen. Los Angeles is always an alluring city for anybody. The Lakers win, the city itself is beloved, the culture around their history in the NBA is large. LaVine, who played for UCLA, would fit in well there.

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