"It Had to take him a decade to finish all those, man" - Kevin Durant gets baffled by Myles Turner's insane Lego collection

Myles Turner of the Indiana Pacers tries to block Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets.
Myles Turner of the Indiana Pacers tries to block Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets.
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Kevin Durant commented on Instagram that he was left flabbergasted by Myles Turner's Lego collection.

Turner's display is easily one of the most impressive collections by any athlete or celebrity, and everyone in the comment section joined Durant in amazement.

Turner, an Indiana Pacers center, has been sidelined since Jan. 17 because of a foot injury and is evidently keeping himself entertained at home. An avid collector of Lego sets, he has built some of the hardest and most time-consuming models the toy company offers. He uploaded a reel on TikTok and then re-uploaded it on Instagram, displaying a part of his collection. He captioned the post:

"I’d Say It’s A Flex If You Ask Me… As Requested Here’s A Few Of My Favorites From any Ever Growing Lego Collection"

Every major sports media outlet, including Bleacher Report, picked it up and reposted it on their platform. The post caught Durant's eye and he was left baffled by the collection. He commented:

"It Had to take him a decade to finish all those man"

Turner displayed 10 models, and seven of them were more than 3,000 pieces. He had five items from the Star Wars franchise.

That included the 2015 and 2017 editions of the Millennium Falcon, consisting of 1,329 and 7,541 pieces, respectively. Also shown was the 2017 edition of the Imperial Star Destroyer (4,784 pieces) and the Death Star Ultimate Kit from 2016 (4,016). It also included a small Y-Wing Starfighter from 2018 (1,967 pieces).

Three of his 10 models were from the DC comics franchise, of which two were from the 1989 "Batman" movie starring Michael Keaton. The Batwing and Batmobile are made up of 2,363 and 3,306 pieces, respectively. The third was the 2017 edition of The Joker Manor with 3,444 pieces.

Turner also had the 4,080-piece set of the Disney World Cinderella Castle from 2016. And he saved his best for last, displaying a massive Titanic ship made up of a whopping 9,090 pieces.

LEGO's 'largest ever' set is the 9090-piece Titanic:

The 2021 edition of the Titanic is 53 inches long and takes roughly more than 52 hours to construct. It is officially the largest and most time-consuming Lego set ever sold by the company. It is described as "a colossal achievement."

Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets come up short at home as Mavericks' Spencer Dinwiddie drains game-winner

Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets against the Dallas Mavericks
Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets against the Dallas Mavericks

It felt like Kevin Durant was alone in trying to rally the Brooklyn Nets to a win down the stretch Wednesday night. Seth Curry was out. Ben Simmons is still unavailable. Kyrie Irving couldn't play because of the vaccine mandate. Plus, they were missing several other rotation pieces.

Durant was double-teamed and blitzed all night whenever he got the ball, and the frustration on his face was evident in a 113-111 loss. He scored 23 points on 8-for-20 shooting.

Despite a poor scoring night, Durant tallied 10 assists trying to get his teammates going. He hit a clutch 3-point shot from the wing while under duress gave Brooklyn a one-point lead with 10 seconds remaining.

Unfortunately for the Nets, Spencer Dinwiddie found himself open from downtown and sank the game-winning buzzer-beater. It broke the hearts of almost everyone at Barclays Center just mere seconds after they were celebrating Durant's clutch bucket.

Of Dinwiddie's game-winner, Durant said:

"It's a make-or_miss league. If he misses that, it's great defense by us. But that's why he gets paid $20 million a year to make those shots."
Kevin Durant on tonight's loss to the Mavericks & the final possession that led to a Spencer Dinwiddie buzzer beater"I'm wondering what the game would've been like if I didn't go jump Luka right there. I wish I would've made a different decision, but it is what it is"

Brooklyn (36-34) is eighth in the East with 12 games remaining. The Nets are 3.5 games behind the Toronto Raptors and Cleveland Cavaliers, who are tied for sixth place at 39-30. The team that finishes sixth avoids the play-in tournament.

The Nets will host the Portland Trail Blazers (26-42) on Friday and the Utah Jazz (43-26) on Sunday. They'll finally reunite with Irving at the Memphis Grizzlies (48-22) on Wednesday.

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