"It's hard for me to stay quiet" - Rudy Gobert's girlfriend Julia Bonilla fires shots at critics for disrespecting 3X NBA DPOY

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Rudy Gobert's girlfriend defends him from criticism

In a recent player's poll by The Athletic, Rudy Gobert was voted as the most overrated player in the entire NBA. Despite winning three Defensive Player of the Year awards, the French center still can't catch a break.

A few players stood out in The Athletic's poll. Players like Jordan Poole and Trae Young are third and second on the list, respectively. Young had 7.4% of the votes while Poole had 8.6%.

After this result, Ruby Gobert's girlfriend, Julia Bonilla, defended the defensive center.

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"My partner is the most dedicated, focused, hard-working person I have ever met," Bonilla said. "He hasn't stolen anything from anyone and deserves all the respect for his determination and commitment to his career.
"It's hard for me to stay quiet in front of so much stupidity, disrespect and nonsense. I am so proud of the person he is: fair, a great teammate with a good heart and a strong mind."

Bonilla finds it unfair how fans and even other players view Gobert. Even until now, when the star has a case to win his fourth DPOY award, the general opinion about him has not changed.

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Rudy Gobert's humble beginnings might change how people view him

Not everyone knows what Rudy Gobert's life was like before he made it big in the NBA. Gobert was born into a mixed-race family in which his parents separated early in his life, and his mother raised him.

Growing up, Gobert shared on The Player's Tribune that he wasn't fully accepted by his mother's side of the family.

"We don't want that baby in our house," Gobert recalled. "Some people didn't want me around because of who I am. And not just people, my own people; very close family, actually."

His mother, Corrine, did what any mother would do. She defended her child from the discrimination he faced from her family.

Gobert also shared that his mother was with him every step of the way, which eventually led him to become an NBA star. With him sharing his humble beginnings, the public perception of him could change.

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