Kevin Durant laments Randy Moss' Raiders days in latest rap feature ahead of 2024 NBA All-Star Game

Kevin Durant compares his NBA career to NFL legend Randy Moss
Kevin Durant compares his NBA career to NFL legend Randy Moss

Just days before the 2024 NBA All-Star Game, rapper Stalley had released his new rap single featuring Phoenix Suns forward Kevin Durant. Hearing the lyrics of the song, he mentioned a few interesting names. Including Oakland Raiders Randy Moss and his grandmother Barbara Davis.

Stalle's track "Scared Money" features a surprising talent display from the 14-time NBA All-Star, revealing his rap skills. Notably, he contributed to selecting the song's lyrics, which include references to his grandmother and former NFL Comeback Player of the Year, Randy Moss.

“Ayo, look, Rest In Peace to Barbara Davis, we hit another layup, when she speak to me it’s like she saying prayers. I feel like Randy Moss when he was on the Raiders, man they love the haters," said Durant in the rap song bars.

Kevin Durant's deep connection with his grandmother, Barbara Davis, is well-known among his fans. Her passing in 2022 caused him to miss the 2022 NBA All-Star Game, where he had been chosen by fans as the captain.

More interestingly is that the two-time NBA champion compared his career to retired football player Randy Moss. Mainly about his time with the then-named Oakland Raiders.

Why did Kevin Durant compare himself to former Oakland Raiders WR Randy Moss?

For those who are not familiar with Randy Moss, he was one of the best wide receivers in the NFL back in the 2000's. Traded to the Oakland Raiders, Moss injected hope but faced team struggles and injuries in 2005. Despite this, he still reached 1,000 receiving yards.

In 2006, he had standout games but voiced discontent with losing and hinted at a desire for a new start. Moss' debut featured a 130-yard, one-touchdown performance against the New England Patriots. Followed by a 127-yard, one-touchdown game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Despite these flashes, he finished the season with 553 yards and three touchdowns. Expressing unhappiness, Moss cited waning focus due to his mood and dissatisfaction with the Raiders. Signaling a potential move for a change of scenery.

In comparison to Kevin Durant's career, it is not stated in the song if he was referring to his time with the OKC Thunder, Golden State Warriors or Brooklyn Nets.

However, KD's movement from team to team has always been rooted in his unhappiness, similar to Randy Moss. The six-time Pro-Bowler after his stint with the Raiders had a good career renaissance with the New England Patriots, where he was given most of his flowers.

For Durant, he may still be looking for the same respect that Moss had in his career now, that he has landed on his fourth team in his career as heard in the song with Stalley.

WATCH: Stalley's rap collaboration with Kevin Durant


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