LeBron James reveals '"James Gang's" favorite off-court sneaker collection: "Staple in our household"

LeBron James names he and his family
LeBron James names he and his family's favorite Nike shoe

LeBron James has followed up the teaser of his Nike LeBron 21s with a claim that’s sure to get fans talking.

In an Instagram post, James revealed that the Nike Vomero 5 is the James Gang’s favorite lifestyle sneaker. The shoes, which are available in six colorways, have quickly become one of Nike's most popular.

They follow Nike's trend of releasing lifestyle shoes that are meant to be worn comfortably off-court. While many of the brand's shoes are designed to be performance-based for various athletes, its lifestyle shoes are meant to be more for casual wear.

Over the years, Nike has released specific lifestyle shoes tied to player signature collections. For example, there is a Michael Jordan lifestyle collection, as well as a Russell Westbrook lifestyle collection. LeBron James has a number of Nike LeBron ‘lifestyle’ shoes as well.

Despite that, the Nike Movero 5's have somehow managed to edge out any of James' signature shoes as his family's favorites. As he wrote:

"My fav shoe off the court by far!! It's literally the #JamesGang staple in our household"

Check out a photo of the shoes in various colorways, as well as James' comment, in the screenshot below.

@KingJames - Instagram
@KingJames - Instagram

LeBron James' latest Nike LeBron 21 shoe

Heading into year 21, LeBron James has maintained that he's just as committed as ever to the game of basketball. As he moves up to tie the likes of Kevin Garnett on the ladder of most seasons played in pursuit of Vince Carter, Nike has released the 'Nike LeBron 21'.

The shoes are set to launch on Thursday, September 28th, with the first colorway also paying tribute to 'Prime Time' Deion Sanders. As James teased in an Instagram story post earlier this month, with year 21 on the way, he had to pay tribute to Deion Sanders.

Colorado v TCU
Colorado v TCU

In a post earlier this month teasing the shoes, James included a photo of Sanders with a word bubble that read: "It's about to go down!"

The shoes will continue the long legacy of the LeBron James signature shoe collection as James looks to continue making NBA history. Throughout the offseason, James has been seen wearing the new pair, which will likely be on full display when the NBA preseason starts.

Although he likely will play very limited minutes, the expectation is that James will debut a number of signature player edition models of his shoe in the coming season.

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