Kendrick Perkins asserts LeBron James is not playing like a superstar making his teammates look bad: “LeBron needs to elevate his game along with Anthony Davis”

New Orleans Pelicans v Los Angeles Lakers
New Orleans Pelicans vs. LA Lakers

LeBron James' LA Lakers is looking far from the best team in the NBA this season, languishing at 2-8. According to ESPN's Kendrick Perkins, James and Anthony Davis need to play better to improve the team.

Although the Lakers have managed to turn things around with their defense, they haven't figured out their offense.

"LeBron needs to elevate his game along with Anthony Davis," Perkins said. "We was crucifying Russell Westbrook for over the last two-and-a-half weeks about him accepting a lesser role and him doing his thing.
"I love Bron to death, but he hasn't been playing well."
Richard Jefferson laughed when Kendrick Perkins said that LeBron James and Anthony Davis need to "elevate" their games.#LakeShow…

The Lakers haven't done any exceptional work when it comes to offense. They are at the bottom of the league in offensive net rating. It could be because they lack shooters. Additionally, they haven't found the rhythm needed to be an elite team.

Los Angeles isn't turning the ball over, but they haven't figured out how to play alongside each other. Additionally, the four-time champion isn't shooting well from beyond the arc. James is only converting 21.0% of his shots from 3-point range while attempting 6.9 per game.

Russell Westbrook is shooting better than LeBron James. FG%LeBron: 43.1Westbrook: 41.83-pt FG%LeBron: 20.7Westbrook: 26.7FT%LeBron: 73.2Westbrook: 75.9True Shooting %LeBron: 50.0Westbrook: 51.1

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LeBron James is trying to outrun the undefeated Father Time

2022 NBA All-Star Game
2022 NBA All-Star Game

To many, Father Time is inevitable. No matter what they do, it'll catch up to them and humble them. The same thing is happening to LeBron James, who will turn 38 in late December, right now. He's slower, shooting terribly and is on a below-average team.

James' career is full of highlights, trophies and records that were thought to be impossible to break before he came into the league. No one can give a clear answer when he began his peak. But people might be able to say that James is nearing the end of his prime.


According to an article by Michael Pina, he gave reasonable points as to why Father Time is beginning to catch up to James. Pina wrote that the 18-time All-Star plays better in the halfcourt this season, rather than in the open court. In recent seasons, LeBron has been a beast in the open court. His size and speed was a huge game-changer.

He's also averaging fewer drives this season. The explosive version of the Lakers forward seems to be a thing of the past. He isn't capable of blowing by defenders anymore. Although he's still capable of driving into the paint, he seems more careful and calculated in his attempts. (via

With that said, LeBron James can still drive guys he has the size/power advantage onGREAT touch on painted 2's

If this is the end of LeBron James' prime, fans should take a moment to appreciate what he's done for the game. Additionally, the Lakers should attempt to surround him with a decent supporting cast.

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